Mac lingering eyebrow pencil uk

February sees the launch of MAC’s new collection, which is all about perfectly groomed eyebrows. Spring 2016 Collection is all about achieving perfectly groomed eyebrows thanks to its featured products. Collection, for Spring 2016, brings a whole rainbow of brow products designed to help you get the perfect arch.

There are different kind of colors here, for blondes, brunettes and even red heads , but also different type of products and formulas so there’s no excuse anymore for not having the perfect natural shaped eyebrow. I’m sure they will be happy to help with the info and they will surely know more as the briefing for SS2016 collections has already took place worldwide as far as I know. Its main advantage is the fact that it delivers more color and gives a good coverage in fewer layers, and less time.

There are three color harmonies to choose from, each matching a range of hair color shades.

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