Makeup for brown eyes

Applying makeup is not too difficult if you just practice, use good tools and high-quality makeup products, but knowing what type of makeup suits you can be quite complicated. One way you can make sure an eye shade suits your eye color is by determining the type of brown eyes you have.
Other eye makeup tips for brown eyes include the fact that light-colored eye shades bring out the eyes and make them look bigger, but the results are even better if you combine them with dark-colored eyeliners, like black or brown. There are many other eye makeup tips for brown eyes, but one of the more important is that brown eyes are really beautifully matched with purple eye shadow. There are various aspects to consider when choosing the appropriate makeup, like the shape of the face and eyes, the skin tone, age, the color of the eyes and even the occasion for which you are preparing. Among the first eye makeup tips for brown eyes is the fact that dark brown eyes are best complimented by medium to dark tones of eye shadow, medium brown eyes look best with any shades, especially golden and green, whereas light brown eyes can be enhanced with light colors like light yellow, golden, champagne or golden pink which reflect the golden sparks of the eyes.

If you want your makeup to focus on the eyes, choose more neutral and natural colors for your cheeks and lips and apply with discretion. Choose combinations of purple and black, or plum and champagne and create a really powerful and dramatic effect for your eyes.
In this article we’ll tackle some eye makeup tips for brown eyes, because even though almost anything goes with them, there are some things we must know first. This way, you brown eyes will be the center of attention if you apply darker eye shadow or go for a smoky look with shades of brown or grey. Violet shades with shimmer are also a great option for brown eyes, because the metallic effect enhances the warmth of the brown. However, if you are also interested in some cool hair color ideas that go with brown eyes, know that blonde and brown look more natural and appealing.

Other cool hair color ideas, no matter how impressive they look, can end up making you look too mature. You can also opt for bronze and ochre shades, which definitely bring out the brown and make your eyes look big and clear. If you want your brown eyes to look bigger opt for one of these two colors, combine them, or purchase a three-tone eye shadow like brown, bronze and light gold.
Start from the base of the eyelashes with the brown and work your way up to the lightest color.

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