May 8 horoscope for today numerology

Akshaya Tritiya is indeed an auspicious day and Jupiter has its special spiritual significance.
Weekly horoscope for April 25 to May 1, 2016 is here for your zodiac sign based on Vedic astrology.
Today I want to introduce you to the Tarot Love Match Reading, which is a fun and insightful way of exploring the dynamics of your relationship (or a potential relationship you are thinking of pursuing). Whereas in Astrology it may be difficult to compare personalities just by comparing two symbols on the left, in Tarot we can look at images and make a more visual comparison. You can pick the two cards that relate to you and your (potential) partner and explore your compatibility.
The Tarot Love Match Reading gives you an insight into how your personalities may interact, and there will always be individual exceptions, which can be explored further by taking into account a full birth chart and associated Tarot cards. People who are already attracted and connected to each other may well have other planets in compatible signs.
On the other hand, an "unfriendly" match could indicate challenges arising in your relationship, which could result in having to put a lot of effort into making it work long-term. When you look at the card pairs above, take a look at the position of the figures in the images and how they relate to each other. What additional information do the court cards offer? I hope you enjoy doing this exercise for yourself or even for your friends, and please do let me know, how you get on with it. The planetary coordinates on January 8, 2016 indicate that any communication today will be more serious and have business-like feel to it. Gemini’s natural sociability is complemented by optimism and constantly expanding outlook on life. You may be getting along very well with people around you – today your relations with them tend to be easy, respectful, kind-hearted and democratic. The Lions can showcase their individuality and personal talents in the best light possible when communicating or having a dialogue, establishing contacts and offering their mediating services. January 8, 2016 is first of all a perfect day for solving difficult problems in an easy way. Do you want to know, how you will get the immense success and auspiciousness from this time?

If condition of planets is auspicious in your birth chart or if any auspicious Dasha (period) is there, you will gain immense wealth. Success in competition, happiness from children, unexpected increase in income, increase in courage, domestic happiness, possibility of buying a new home or vehicle, respect in society, all these things are waiting for you.
The Day of 1st May is popularly known as May Day and it is also celebrated as Labor Day or International Workers’ Day in many places.
Pradosham is a special day dedicated to Lord Shiva and the Pradosham which falls on Shukrawar (Friday) is called Shukra Pradosham.
But being aware of this possibility empowers you to being more mindful about your relationship and explore it actively on a deeper level. You will be not only friendly and communicable, but open to any creative approach, including the one that implies working in couples or as a team. This is also a successful day for your marketing endeavors, studying, social work, politics and representing some movement, organization, society. Perhaps, your material situation will depend on cooperation with some extraordinary person. But in order to do it, you also have to become more communicable, more adventurous, and more democratic – be simpler and friendlier. If possible, focus on connecting with distinguished personae – in this case it will be more beneficial than you making your own attempts to get closer to the field that interests you. It is quite possible that your home will turn into a gathering place – a sort of an epicenter of sharing opinions and exchanging information. Whereas Strength may enjoy Hermit's need to please in a relationship, Hermit's critical nature can be a turn-off.
Justice can be irritated by Capricorn's tendency to be overpowering and ruthless at times, and overall there doesn't seem to be a strong mutual attraction. It is perfect for studying as well as gathering and processing information, especially if you have decided to learn some practical things and useful skills. Communicate and share opinions with interesting people; critical thinking and sorting through factual material can always wait. Contacts with your household members as well as close and distant relatives may become more meaningful.

Your mind will remain playful and will easily get attracted toward the people of opposite sex.
Promotion in job, gain of a better position by political people, spirit of religion & charity and health will remain good.
Likewise, Hermit may be amused by theatrical Strength, but put off by Strength's lack of empathy.
Neither documents nor money, but people and your connections may prove your key resource of the day.
At times it will resemble a compliment and be a sign of respect for your knowledge and attention to your persona. Stress is possible from children and success will come in education after doing a lot of efforts. Some skin disease or any problem is possible in genitals, so don’t take anything casually. You may have to travel due to some government or external works and this journey will give the desired results. Any health problem might occur to your mother, or you may have to stay away from her for some time. Overall, this month is ready to give you everything, fame, respect, popularity, wealth, and happiness.
If you are in job, there are good chances of getting a promotion and your seniors will also support a lot.
If you are trying to go abroad from a long time, your efforts will produce some great results this time. Spendings are possible on religious or spiritual works, faith in god is also likely to increase.

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