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Prison tattoos are usually worn by members of various prison gangs for whom these body arts carry important symbolic meanings. Check out the images of prison tattoos presented in this site to get an idea of how they look like. When considering getting a new tattoo, a feather may not be one of the first things that come to mind – but maybe it should be! When choosing a particular feather design, think of where feathers come from –birds of course! Miley Cyrus has a lovely tattoo of a dream catcher that features several feathers reaching down further below the dream catcher. Hey, if Hannah Montana can see the beauty and significance in feather tattoos, the rest of us can certainly do so as well! Basically it means you try and do too much and you will likely burn yourself out (= your energy will be completely used up) soon. When you think of a candle, if you light only one end, it might take 2 hours to burn out completely. Keep up to date with all of the new things we create by following us on your favorite social media site. If a person having a particular prison tattoo gets arrested, then he or she will be protected by the other gang members present in the prison.
This is one of the main reasons that people get feather tattoos (aside from their utter beauty!). They are much admired for the awesomeness of their tail feathers and the size that their tails spread to.
However, in some parts of the world they, and their feathers, are considered to be good luck charms.
To work (or do some other activity) from early in the morning until late at night without taking time (or very little time) to rest.

To try and do too much work (or an activity) in a short amount of time with very little rest. But, if you were able to light both ends of the candle where there is a flame at both ends like in the cartoon, then it would take less time to completely burn, maybe only an hour instead of two. Doing so the flame will still be going upwards and it would burn directly in the wax, making the candle drip more and burn quicker. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends trying to get my presentation ready for the meeting on Friday. Time holds a special significance in everyone’s lives; a pocket watch tattoo can depict a special moment in the wearer’s life signifying a special event like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, child’s birth time or even the death of a loved one. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
They are peaceful creatures residing in ponds, rivers, streams and oceans throughout the world. Alternatively, if that person is not a true gang member and only a poser, his or her tattoo symbol will be destroyed or burnt off the skin. Before you choose the type of feather you might like to get added to your collection of body art, consider the different types and what they mean. You may have twice as much light coming from the candle though it will only last half the time or even less.
In general you won’t hear idioms too often but they are still very good (and important) to know.
Pocket watch tattoos imply many things like existence, life, death, structure, stability, etc.
As they have a wide range, turtles have been extensively featured in the mythologies and folklores of different ancient civilizations. Many Americans get the eagle, or their feathers, tattooed on themselves for reasons of national pride.

Variations include embellishments like flowers, leaf, butterfly, wings, ribbons, string of pearls combined with the pocket watch image.
They are held in great esteem in Native American, Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures as people of these tribes believed that turtles played an important role in the creation of the earth. The Surenos, a well known Latin gang from Mexico is known to operate from Southern California. My fourth tattoo, placed in the small of my back, is an eagle with outstretched wings, clutching the American flag in its talons. They can be designed in various ways like in colorful patterns, in 3D designs or in Dali styles. Eagle feathers are also quite symbolic of the Native American people who respected this regal and majestic bird.
Other tattoos worn by this gang include the letter M, EME, MM, X3, XIII, 213 and Tres Puntos. No matter what part of the world you are from, if you are they boastful type people may comment that you are as proud of a peacock!
Realistic turtle tattoos can look quite good when attention is given to the intricate details of the artwork. The Aryan Brotherhood tattoo or AB is worn by a group of Neo-Nazi white men who have a strong faith in the ideas and beliefs of Hitler. Tribal turtle tattoo designs carrying Hawaiian or Polynesian themes are also quite popular nowadays.
Turtle tattoos can also be sported with other images such as those of flowers or aquatic plants.

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