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The Interdependence Project and the Hole are pleased to invite you to a meditation session that will utilize Holton Rower's mesmerizing pour paintings for perceptual exercises that explore the relationship between consciousness and the six senses.
No previous meditation experience required.About the TeacherSokuzan Bob Brown has been engaged with art for over 50 years through his experience as an illustrator in the Marine Corps and his attendance at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC.
Check out this beautiful Video by Dave Kaufman capturing the creation of one of Rower's paintings. Note: Bob will be teaching at IDP the entire weekend, if you're interested in taking the longer workshop, you can find more info here. Mention the phrase “struck with spontaneous muteness”, and finishing out the work week is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. When Zechariah comes out of the temple and is unable to speak, no one in the crowd thinks it is a medical issue. This section of the text ends with Elizabeth, but not Zechariah, ignorant that she is to become the mother of John the Baptist.
Anna Wise has been practicing yoga since her early twenties and holds a British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma specialising in Yoga for Pregnancy. A mother herself, Anna is very aware of the challenges faced by women as they make the transition into motherhood.
Anna holds other yoga classes in the area and is available for private one-to-one or group teaching.
Meditation using sound techniques originates in the ancient teachings of the Veda and the Upanishads, forming some of the greatest philosophical statements. Bob structures his Group Workshops with careful guidance with the view to respond fully to the needs of students. Jo Fox first took to a Yoga mat 20 years ago and has been leading classes for the last 6 years. I came late to the mat, perhaps one of your more unlikely yoga converts, but thank you for helping me to change my life. Having been stay at home mum for the past 6 years, Jos found balance and space through yoga. She is passionate about the positive benefits yoga can offer anyone, independent of age, physical ability and personal beliefs. In general, yoga has helped me to greatly improve my extremely poor childhood posture, as well as helping me to become calmer and more confident.
My three-year, 500+ hour, teacher training with the Inner Yoga Trust (certified by the British Wheel of Yoga) was completed in 2006 and have since completed extensive study in the field of Yoga Therapy, with the Yoga Biomedical Trust and Yoga Campus. In addition to this I've trained to be a Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs teacher, enabling me to offer a safe practice for those working with chronic back pain. I particularly enjoy bringing the insights gained from my broad study of yoga Hanna somatics, massage and traditional medicine into my teaching, to provide a truly holistic experience of yoga. Please contact (phone or text) Julia directly on 07800 959 543 before attending your first class. Please wear clothes you can stretch in and arrive five minutes earlier to your first class. In her pregnancy classes Kate aims to provide a friendly supportive environment, helping women to have more comfortable and enjoyable pregnancies, working safely and intuitively with their bodies and their breath, gaining the knowledge and confidence in themselves to empower them to make their own informed birth choices and have positive birth experiences, no matter what type of birth they choose. Kate teaches Beginner's Yoga at the Haelan Centre as 5 or 6 week courses throughtout the year. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is an energetic practice, with modifications to suit all energy levels and experience. Kate incorporates themes in her classes to draw upon physical and mental focal points such as back-bends, hip-openers, opening the heart or calming the mind. Katie has over 7 years experience with the Pilates method and sees Pilates as not just a form of exercise but a way of life to promote physical health and mental well-being.
Katie believes Pilates exercise can be adapted to suit anyone and especially enjoys teaching small equipment classes to cater for the different needs of her clients. Please contact Katie directly on 07929 395 821 if you would like to attend either of these classes. I first started practicing yoga 15 years ago and am registered as a YTT200 with Yoga Alliance.
In my classes, I try to create an environment where you can truly have space for yourself, to rest the mind and be present. With almost 15 years experience, Marjan Farahani is a highly experienced Pilates practitioner, who teaches both mat and reformer.
As well as teaching general Pilates, Marjan specialises in the teaching of Pilates to pre- and post-natal women, as well as older individuals with specialized recuperative needs.
Mel Softley combines her extensive knowledge of Anatomy, Somatic movement and Scaravelli inspired yoga to teach individuals about how their bodies can move with a deeper ease and integration.

She works with all bodies and adapts for the individual, educating people about how their bodies work and giving hands on awareness to help people to feel subtle releases and movements of the body. Scaravelli inspired yoga is an integrative practice that releases tension by bringing the body back together again at its centre or core, awakening deep movement from the spine.
Mel also has experience and training in many fields of Somatic movement: Authentic Movement, Hanne Somatics, Feldenkrais, Developmental Movement patterns, Continuum Movement and Embodied Anatomy.
In these classes classic Yoga Restorative postures are combined with principles of Somatics and Scaravelli inspired yoga, breath work and deep relaxation. Mel Softley combines her extensive knowledge of Anatomy, Somatic movement, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Breathing and Relaxation to teach individuals about how their bodies can rest and release tension but also through these practices become more alert and aware. These classes are designed to restore energy levels and release tension by adopting slow, mostly floor based practices. Please contact Mel directly on 07815 624 368 if you would like to attend any of these classes. Returning to Sweden I trained as a physio-therapist and worked for some years with cardiac rehabilitation.
I stayed on at the school, did the yoga teacher training and lived there for seven years, immersing myself in the practises, helping to run the school together with the other teachers, and helping and teaching the many students who came to the yoga centre.
Victoria has over 20 years' experience as an actor, movement director, theatre maker and was until recently Artistic Director of Jade.
Please email Victoria or contact Victoria directly on 07711 088 765 if you would like to attend a class. 22 When he did come out, he could not speak to them, and they realized that he had seen a vision in the sanctuary. 24 After those days his wife Elizabeth conceived, and for five months she remained in seclusion.
She has also trained to teach Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga with the Birthlight Trust under the guidance of inspirational teacher Francoise Freedman.
Anna's teaching style is informal and accessible, and her classes provide a supportive place for women to access information and share experiences. Meditation with Sound is a practice which uses the resonance of the human voice to gently move towards meditative awareness in silence. With this in mind, Group Workshops tend to move through three stages, with the first focusing on clearing and relaxing using breath, the second focusing on simple sanskrit sounds and the final developing meditative awareness through the more powerful techniques of sounding mantra in sanskrit. She is an Internationally accredited Yoga teacher who has just returned from a decade in East Africa where she ran her own Yoga business in Zanzibar running regular classes together with beach and safari retreats. All levels are welcome and in a class of mixed abilities, she will comfortably lead each person according to their requirements. Practising Yoga we learn to reconnect with ourselves, creating harmony, health and balance. Cultivating self acceptance, courage and strength, something she understands can be challenging to find in our everyday lives. Just before training to become a teacher I had a very bad knee injury and a grumbling sacro illiac joint (due to hypermobility and an inappropriate Ashtanga yoga practice).
I am fascinated about how yoga (in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle) helps to alleviate all kinds of health conditions, particularly those related to stress, fatigue and chronic pain. I offer 12 week courses specifically designed and scientifically proven to alleviate lower back pain. Your first class is free if you go on to book the rest of the course, otherwise the first class is £10 only. Though she now practices a more flowing style of yoga, her practise and teaching is still informed by the precision and alignment focus of the Iyengar system. She believes wholeheartedly that yoga is for every-body and teaches postures in stages to safely accommodate less experienced students as well as provide challenge for more experienced students. As mother of two, Kate has personal experience of the power of antenatal yoga practice and active birth methodology to support and empower women during pregnancy, birth and motherhood.
Now a yoga teacher Kate explores and celebrates Vinyasa Flow Yoga and draws upon its unique ability to challenge and tone the physical body whilst quietening the active mind.
I teach Hatha yoga, with a style that is heavily influenced by the fluid practices of Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Yoga provides me with a balancing force within my life and for this reason I made a decision to start teaching, something which brings me tremendous satisfaction.
By being focused on linking the breath with movement, the mind is constantly drawn back to what is taking place on the mat. During her pregnancy, she devised a tailored program, designed to help retain and regain her pre-pregnancy core stability and tone.
This practice combines very well with somatic movement practices that are based on experiencing the body rather than forcing the body.

She is a Certified Hanne Somatics Coach and is currently undertaking IBMT’s Somatic Education Training that is based on the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Somatic psychology.
Visiting a Buddhist monastery in Thailand out of curiosity developed into staying on for a year, meditating for hours every day. I sometimes thought about how good it would be to reach people before they became so ill.
Because I am British, I've always felt a wish to come back to the UK and in 2007 I moved to London and started to teach independently here. Her experience of the Feldenkrais Method began over 20 years ago as a student of performance with Monika Pagnuex in Paris and finally led her to the Professional Feldenkrais Practitioner Training with the FITC (Lewes 4).
Zechariah doubted the angel Gabriel—and by extension God—and was rendered literally speechless. In addition to yoga teaching, Anna has trained as a Doula and works as a birth companion and is a qualified Infant Massage Instructor. This experience allows him to tailor his practice to the needs and requirements of his students, whether mindfulness, breath or sound work.
Bob has particular experience in adapting this teaching to suit the many of us who may suffer stress and tension in our daily lives. This humbling experience led me eventually to a more intelligent way of practicing yoga taught by a direct student of Vanda Scaravelli, Sophie Hoare. I have also completed teacher's courses in meditation, pregnancy and postnatal yoga and Yoga Nidra - a hypnotic deep relaxation practice that can be used in a variety of ways to support wellbeing and healing. Her teaching is carefully paced with flowing transitions between postures to build strength, stability, flexibility and focus. Practice can be adapted to support students working with injuries or health conditions which benefit from modified practice. Her pregnancy and postnatal (integrated mother and baby) teacher training was with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and she has also trained as a Birth and postnatal Doula with Dr Michel Odent and is a certified teacher of developmental baby massage.
Seated and supine poses build core strength and improve flexibility, and a calm closing sequence brings the body to a restorative and nurturing close. By linking poses together, the flow of the class is not interrupted, improving strength, suppleness and focus. The course being offered at Haelan is an enhanced version of Marjan’s own post-natal routine.
This led to a quite profound experience of becoming more aware, and to discovering what it's like to be really alive and awake in the present moment.
While working in Stockholm, where I lived in the 90s, I came across a school that taught both physical yoga, and also the full range of yogic techniques - Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation school.
She also teaches Feldenkrais at drama schools, for theatre companies and individual performers but her work at the Haelan Centre is for people from all walks of life. It’s not forbidden to question God’s messengers in scripture, but it often has consequences. Instead, he goes back to work, as the Greek text says, “until the days of his service were fulfilled.” Then he makes his way home to Elizabeth, who must have been surprised by her newly quiet husband. Bob has led eight weekend retreats at The Friars, an ancient monastery in the Kent countryside.
All that is needed is the simple use of the human voice .The workshops are non-religious and do not depend on ritual.
She maintains a focus on safe and healthy physical alignment as well as mindful awareness of breath to promote a sense of spaciousness, calm and wellbeing. Over time, regardless of how you are feeling before you step on to your mat, you will feel lighter, calmer and more focused when you leave it.
Some movements are based on Hanne Somatics and Feldenkrais along with slow yoga flows and held restorative postures where the body is supported on yoga props for deep rest.
I joined their evening classes, and in 1998 participated in a three month residential retreat.
These practices facilitate a deeper awareness of the breath as preparation for breathing practices and deep relaxation and meditation. Practising yoga and meditation many hours a day, I experienced such strong energy, and such clarity, such a sense of well-being, and such lightness in the body. I realized that these practices are life-changing, and felt a strong inspiration to pass them on to others. What better way to help than to give people tools for daily life that they can use themselves?

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