Milani eyebrow pencil tutorial

Anyway, when we’d have downtime at the salon, I would always go over to the makeup counter and play around with the makeup.
Well, I had them waxed for the first time and that in and of itself made me say, “OH MY GOSH! This way is definitely the pricier of the two ways, but it is the way I am actually most comfortable.
Then, I basically dip the eye brow brush into the eye shadow, tap off the excess, and then brush it through my eye brow. So, this is the before and after with the Bobbi Brown method… I have a full face of makeup on, but in the left picture my eyebrows are not groomed or filled in, and in the right picture, they are groomed and filled in. In all honesty, my favorite and preferred method is my tried and true Bobbi Brown brush and shadow. If I’m running out the door and I have no time to put any makeup on whatsoever, I AT LEAST make sure my eyebrows are filled in. It makes quite a difference, I had been using the elf gel, but I will have to look into the Milani gel pen, it might work better. I’ve been MIA on this hop, sorry to say, and only because I have been busy and not posting as much, but just wanted to say the new look is great. Even though my blonde hair is much darker than it was as a child, my brows are still pretty much invisible, so I have been filling them in for years! Filling in my brows is the one thing I must do each day because it makes such a huge difference!

I have really thick, dark eyebrows, but I got them filled in at a makeup counter once and it still made a difference! Our makeup artists would teach me tricks that I could do myself at home and let me practice. I started using it a while back and it totally gives the high-end, expensive stuff a run for its money. I’m going to first show you the method that I have actually been using for over 10-12 years.
I know there are a TON of high-end brow pencils that cost an arm and a leg, but I love Milani products and decided to give the Easy Brow pencil a try and I really love it. So, you can see the before with nothing in my brows on the left, and the after with them filled in on the right.
I was learning about makeup and learning about hair and learning about, well, taking care of myself. But, one of the most LIFE CHANGING, mind-blowing makeup tips I ever learned was about filling in your eyebrows.
So, let’s get to it and I will show you a couple ways that I fill in my brows and the effect that it has on the shape and look of your face!
If you are interested in going this route, I definitely recommend the brush for sure, but I would also recommend going to a makeup counter to get matched for the right color. But, as you can see, filling in your brows really makes such a HUGE difference in the overall shape and appearance of your face.

Although I do use a shadow from my Almay palette for brown eyes to help make it look more natural.
Because up until that point, all I knew about makeup was slathering on a big thick layer¬†of blue Wet N’ Wild eyeshadow and a heavy coat of Vanilla Lip Smackers. It’s basically just a clear, stickyish wax that you brush across your brows to keep all the hairs in place. Are you someone who was like me and knew NOTHING about filling in your brows and I just totally blew your mind?
I was so afraid people would notice that my brows were suddenly darker (as my brows are lighter than my natural hair color), but instead I got tons of compliments the first few weeks on how open my face was, and how groomed my brows were! I like it better than clear mascara because I always feel like clear mascara dries crunchy. I love the boar bristles because they are rough and get the hairs in place… it works very much like a spoolie (spelling?).

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