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Best cell phone plans – top 2 cell phone plan reviews, Which wireless network service provides the best cell phone plans? In this light, I was reminded of some things I wrote after the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, and I thought it a good time to revisit the theme of insanity and alienation in our society:Insanity is understandable.
I can, in a sense, walk a certain distance in the shoes of the phobic who fears open spaces…All that I know of the tragedy in Connecticut is that it is entirely incomprehensible.

We could call this insanity, but I think we are dealing with something of a different order entirely. Anyone brave enough to make the terrifying attempt at identification with this man will return from the exercise with a brand new horror: this is not some new extreme of evil, this is something altogether alien. It is like a process of reverse refinement: it disintegrates the diamond and saves the rough.
And when it is a question of demonic work, how could we possibly be surprised when we conjure up demons?Anyone who has labored on an assembly line for very long knows the numbing monotony of acting as a cog in a machine.
Less than a cog, really, because the cog is a part of a whole, while the machine attendant is merely the watcher of the cogs–he is alienated not only from the work, but from the machine doing the work. Not everyone works in a factory, of course, but the trend of mechanization is characteristic. Is it not odd that many of us must interrupt our daily labor in order to stretch so that the repetition does not injure us?Just this morning I was re-reading Thomas Merton’s Raids on the Unspeakable, and chose, by chance, one of his eschatological essays.
He finds no space to rest in his own heart, not because it is full, but because it is void…In the time of the end there is no longer room for the desire to go on living.
The time of the end is the time when men call upon the mountains to fall upon them, because they wish they did not exist.Why?

Because they are part of a proliferation of life that is not fully alive, it is programmed for death. It is haunted by the demon of emptiness.And then he closes with a note on pessimism:Is this pessimism?
Or should one simply go on pretending that everything is getting better every day, because the time of the end is also–for some at any rate–the time of great prosperity? I mean the kind of pessimism that allows a person to admit to himself that his work is a kind of living hell, that he is lonely, that he is losing his mind, that something isn’t right and something ought to change.
And then, eventually, the disintegration of society at large is bound to complete its work in the occasional, unfortunate individual, leaving them utterly thwarted, insecure, confused, and estranged—but of course functional, always functional–on the surface. Like the imagery of Luke 11:25, the inner chamber is “swept clean and put in order,” and then left as such—as a tidy inner void.

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