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Like most people do you hold onto your old phone when you upgrade to a newer, sleeker, faster model?
PS: A waif is a child from a too-large family in the Victorian era, a child who suffers being sent to the workhouse, and thus becomes unloved and forgotten. According to MobileMuster, the number of mobile phones in storage has grown to a point in 2014 where there were as many old phones in storage as there are people in Australia!
Telstra is encouraging everyone to dig into their desks and under their beds to recycle their old phones during National Recycling Week 2015. Sam joined Telstra’s Corporate Affairs team in 2013 after a brief stint in its Corporate Security and Investigations (CSI) team, and now looks after all things Property, Procurement and Risk. Prior to that, Sam spent 4 years helping to build the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME), a social enterprise that matches Indigenous high school kids with non-Indigenous university students in a mentoring relationship. His heart lies in sport though, and away from Telstra he can be found podcasting, blogging, or reading about all things cricket, league, union, AFL, EPL, or NBA related.
Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. To try to solve this I saved the certificate (.cer) on the server and accessed it from the phone browser.
It isn't a problem of DNS, cause that's up and serving the right ip, and the phone is correctly setup to use it. I did that (even though now I can't find out the link again, it was somewhere on MS website), and GeoTrust is there with 3 entries.

I have had issues with certificates related to how some HTTP over TLS implementations look for SubjectAltName(SAN). If the hostname is an IP, the certificate must contain a subjectAltName IP entry matching the IP.
Also note that wildcard certificates are being discouraged by the newer RFC6125, so MAYBE windows phone is already enforcing this, although I might be wrong. My first step would be to check the SAN portion of the certificate and make sure it has a DNS entry matching the your site's host.
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Is it ethical for an Employer to use personal(financial) information in negotiating salary? I received a CV from an agency but received it direct from the person first - where do I stand? Our relationship with mobile phones is very much centred on the loss of affection and regard as soon as another model is produced too.
I know it has given pleasure, more than just a restoration of the spirit – for if you stand near the sculptures when they are displayed (as I do), pleasure and displeasure are obvious, and entertainment also: laughter, gasps, swearing and expletives are discernible, as is the rarer inspiration which occurs and is a special occasion for any artist. Everything works on any other browser or platform I tested (android (several phones and a galaxy tab with stock browser, firefox, opera, dolphin), iOS (iphone and ipad with safari and chrome), an old nokia with symbian, windows 7, linux and mac). Cert errors are really bad, so it's possible that your browser is remembering that it is a bad place to be.

RFC2818 states that, if the hostname is a DNS entry, implementations must check the hostname against the subjectAltName extension array looking for a DNS entry that matches the host. A key part of the success of my art is the discovery by members of the public, for it is theirs, not mine, and if they unravel some of the layering in the pieces, their discovery and pleasure is amplified. I have been displaying in Sydney in the evening, when couple have appeared on the off chance of seeing a sculpture, and they quietly hand me some old phones in a paper bag, that they have carried with very little certainty that a donation might occur. It was too unwieldy for me to carry, and too heavy, so a major rebuild in 2013 provided the start of its current form. There are offers to buy, and questions about where people can see more, but I give no response to these though I suppose they mean something.
It has been modified continuously since then, but less so recently, and now usually only the software. If then I try to access the index.html still using the IP all works fine and it doesn't complain about the certificate.
But to have someone’s life course interrupted positively by a pile of moving junk, lurking in some ill-lit spot, is a reaction that I cherish.

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