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He added that, “These instincts like listening music on the go while going to school, college or office. I was looking for a mobile phone for my father which has good mp3 fm support, because my father loves radio hindhi songs. About teleguru.inA telecom and technology site covers updates on telecom technolgy & industry, service providers, Mobile handsets, regulations, tariffs, how-to guides and tutorials.

This was the vein which we tapped and came up with a handy solution of coming up with a phone that would deliver good quality music.
It has got the much need excitement giving features like the MP4 support, 1280×1024 pixel camera, bluetooth, GPRS, Dual sim, long standing battery. If you think some image violates your copyright, please contact us by e-mail and we'll remove it or add your credits to pictures in seven work days as soon as possible.

What more, Lava is giving a free 2 GB memory card and desktop charger free with this mobile.

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