Money magnet affirmations secret law of attraction

Subliminally program your mind to attract and manifest wealth in abundance utilizing proven law of attra.
This guided meditation will give you a better awareness and understanding of how to utilize The Law of Attraction to help manifest your dreams into your life and.
Ask, believe and receive - Law of Attraction - Dollar Watch this video twice a day as an exercise to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract money. To get the best benefits out of this movie, sit and relax as much as possible and read all the affirmations on the screen.

This Video is to help you meditate and attract money and wealth into your life whilst you sleep.
Attract Abundance of Money Prosperity Wealth & Luck Jupiter's Spin Frequency "Law of Attraction" by Good Vibes. Based on the law of attraction this video generates wealth building thoughts in your subconscious. The Science of Getting Rich - How To Get Rich Using The Money Sutras - Part 1 (Law of Attraction) .

The same subliminal messages that are on the screen are also in the music background but they are in silent subliminal mode. And please download this movie with youtube downloader or any other software so you can play it on repeat.

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