Moon sign yearly horoscope 2013

On each page of this entertaining calendar, popular astrologist Jill Goodman provides an individual reading for each of the twelve horoscope signs. We summarise the various voltages produced and cover the different types of connectors used to connect to the system's devices. Power Supplies contain dangerous voltages and should only be opened by experienced and qualified engineers, there are no user servicable parts inside.
The power supply unit (PSU) in a PC regulates and delivers the power to the components in the case.

Standard power supplies turn the incoming 110V or 220V AC (Alternating Current) into various DC (Direct Current) voltages suitable for powering the computer's components. Power supplies are quoted as having a certain power output specified in Watts, a standard power supply would typically be able to deliver around 350 Watts. By using a PSU that delivers more power than required means it won't be running at full capacity, which can prolong life by reducing heat damage to the PSU's internal components during long periods of use.
A power supply can be easily changed and are generally not expensive, so if one fails (which is far from uncommon) then replacement is usually the most economic solution.

We have also included an illustrated guide to the pinouts of the various connectors along with their functions.

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