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Now, eight years after the release of the original ( , I’m old), the chainsaw gun has become one of the most iconic weapons in video game history.
Related: Gun background checks hit new record on Black Friday – at two per second FBI background checks, which are processed by the National Instant Criminal Background Check system, are not the most accurate indicator of actual gun sales.
Most often, hunters spend little time shooting the particular rifle they will use while hunting. Searching for your keys, throwing on your flip flops a€¦ youa€™re about to hop on down to your local convenience store (or send your significant other) so you can get the most accurate pregnancy test you can find & then figure out when to take your pregnancy test to *really* tell you if youa€™re pregnant. While our a€?getting pregnanta€? stories differ between us, they usually end up in the same place. So whata€™s the best pregnancy test to buy & what about when to take your pregnancy test? All of these over the counter pregnancy tests look for one single thing a€¦ a hormone called hCG.
In case youa€™re wondering what the heck a pregnant laugh is, ita€™s a raspy, breathy laugh which makes sense since I was pretty much constantly out of breath and especially when I laughed. Back to hormones though- herea€™s the thing, for the hCG hormone to be produced, your fertilized egg has to be implanted onto your uterine wall.
Something to remember a€¦ you might still be pregnant with light bleeding nearing your period date. Assuming youa€™ve waited long enough for the hCG to be flowinga€¦.then the question is a€?which pregnancy test detects the hCG earliest?a€? According to scientific reviews (found here)a€¦the most accurate pregnancy test is First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test.

So How Do We Use the Most Accurate Pregnancy Test To Tell Us If Our Body Really Is Pregnant?
A *Whenever in doubt and if you get a positive test a€¦ spend the time and effort to find the best provider for you (doctor or midwife).
DisclaimerContent provided here is for informational purposes only & should not be taken as medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or safety advice. Someone needs to let Yung Lean know about this so he can start making music about how Richie Incognito is his extraterrestrial dad.
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A mad dash to the a€?feminine islea€? at a drug store to buy the most accurate pregnancy test money can buy.
Once youa€™re pregnant, hCG is the hormone your newly developingA placenta sends to your ovaries. They thicken your uterine walls (protecting the embryo so it can grow into a baby), make your boobs grow into a milk factory (exciting news for some of us who have never had cleavage before) and give you that awesome a€?pregnant laugha€? as my own mother remarked to me when I was pregnant the first two times. Remember that thought you had of a€?therea€™s no waya€¦ita€™s not even possible for me to be pregsa€¦right?a€? You might not think youa€™re pregnant, but did you know you can get pregnant 4 days after you have sex? If you had a negative reading & you still think you might be pregnant, take a second pregnancy test 1 week later a€¦ give your body time to produce the hCG hormone. RTFI- Read The Freakina€™ Instructions a€¦ wea€™re peeing on a stick friends- thata€™s what wea€™re doing, but do yourself a BIG favor and make sure youa€™re doing it right & reading the results the right way, so you get an accurate reading!

Thata€™s called a false negative (which is more common than false positive- meaning the pregnancy test says youa€™reA pregnant when youa€™re really not). Maybe you used the most accurate pregnancy test in the world, but guess what a€¦ your body didna€™t produce any hCG yet, so the pregnancy test didna€™t see it. And your period, by definition, is the discarding of that uterine lining that was preparing itself for an embryo.
Ita€™s super important to know the a€?gestational agea€? (get a list of ALL the important labor & birth lingo youa€™ll want to know here) of your baby as early as possible. If the fertilization never happeneda€¦all that a€?preparationa€? goes away via a€?your perioda€?. Lucky Jain taught us ita€™s one of the most important things we can do (learn why, right here). I cana€™t possibly bea€¦a€? Ita€™s the thought that transcends culture, ethnicity or age group.
Ita€™s the life altering possibility of motherhood on the distant (or maybe not-so-distant) horizon.

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