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Check out our BFF #3 Digital Library that holds many rich resources for the growing Christian including the book above! In order to effectively develop self-control in our children, we need to set up good routines and develop a flexible schedule. In the last chapter we looked at several important general principles for how to train our children. If the parent is not careful to discern these cries, the child is able to learn to manipulate his or her parents. With a regular 'feed, awake and sleep' routine, the parent is more easily able to discern the precious baby's cries and appropriately respond to them.
As we deal with older children, we should recognize that crying, complaining and whining are plants from the same seed of discontent and demand, the seed of self-centeredness.
I passed by the field of the sluggard, And by the vineyard of the man lacking sense; And behold, it was completely overgrown with thistles, Its surface was covered with nettles, And its stone wall was broken down.
If the parent does not train the child, then the child effectively trains the parent to meet his every wish and desire! When you put your child in the high chair to eat, do they cry and fuss until you have to take them out and hold them? Application: When we put our children in the playpen or some contained area, do they fuss and fuss until you take them out?
Application: Have you removed things from your living room because you did not want your child to break them?
Application: Do you find that you need to accompany your child everywhere to keep him or her safe?
She is our child and we think she is special as all parents would think of their own sweet child.
She would fuss and cry not because it hurt but because she was prevented from carrying out her will.
If there is a vase on a tall table, we should make the table off limits, perhaps even the area.
By the time a baby is staying awake a little longer, give him time to be by himself not entertained or held by grandma. In my heart I knew that if we gave in here to her wishes, we would have problems from here on.
Those who have not properly trained their children often end up calling them troublesome toddlers. Pause for Reflection: We are humbled by how much we have failed our Lord and most of our children by not having trained our children from the beginning when it doesn't hurt so much.
If you always do the same thing in the same order, he will know no difference and will accept this as the way we do things. The above chart highlights the many routines that are necessary to help the child know what his role is. The parent shows the child by explaining things and encouraging the child's ability to do it.
When you feel frustrated, you probably have either discovered a task within a routine that is not being rightly done or a missing routine.
It would be helpful to review the whole routine (coming home routine) and each task that you want completed. Remember, a parental attitude of joy and patience along with firmness is important to gaining a child's co-operation. My wife keeps a small whiteboard in the kitchen entrance where daily jobs are added on to the above schedule. God has given us the tools we need to train our children to do the right thing even when we are not around.
This kind of training, along with time scheduling, provides us with plenty of time to do what we need to do at work and at home. Use an adhesive to stick the printable quotes to the cardstock.  I used photo splits because they are inexpensive and easy to use.
Repeat step 3 for each of the quotes, the cover of the book, and the Quotes From You pages.
Assemble the cards in the order you want, and then tie them together with the ribbon.  You have your finished product now, and a keepsake for a lucky child to cherish for years.

If a person lacks self-control in only one area of his life it can bring his marriage or family down. The most important area to tackle first is the child's response to his parent's word or instruction. The wise mother learns early on that some cries are for legitimate needs while others are used to control and manipulate. What should we do, then, when the baby is fine, not sick, not hungry, no dirty diaper, etc. Yes, they do go through certain testing times, but on the whole, they learn to be satisfied with wherever their parents put them, whether it be the playpen, potty, room or car seat. She is only 15 months old, but she will not go through that door unless I give permission or someone comes to get her. Upon reaching the toddler stage, a child is mobile and instantly introduced to new fields of exploration. She pointed out the curve of the rug to our child and then instructed her not to go on the rug or even touch. The slight tap refers to taking a little straight branch off the tree, making it smooth and gently tapping him. The parents must make sure that negative consequence for doing the wrong thing outweighs the pleasure of getting what he wants.
We went to get the switch, and she quickly complied not only to wearing the hat but also leaving it on.
If we don't teach our children self-control, then we are creating a child who will constantly run into conflict with authority.
Routine sets the stage for good habits to be formed and is the context in which self-control can flourish.
If routines are initiated when the baby is tiny, they don't know any differently and the absence of struggle is noticeable. The parent will do it for the child for a while until the child seems to be able to do it on his own. This will help you more clearly see what tasks are needed and the overall purpose of the 'coming home' routine.
Having a good schedule greatly clarifies her goals and helps her keep attentive when interruptions occur. We remind our children that just because we regularly do a certain activity it does not mean that we will always do it this way. Soon sports, classes and entertainment-activities (seeing movies, parties) have almost suffocated family life. Kelsey Pink is a flexible pattern that can be used in a variety of rooms with a bright color scheme and classic plaids, this quilt will refresh your living space.
I am collect quotes and am a big time scrapbooker and just love making these kinds of special books as gifts. Whether it is gambling, immorality, anger or stealing, any of these areas that are out of control will control him.
The repetition of routines goes a long way toward building up confidence, experience and acceptance of what needs to be done in life.
We will also develop routines and schedules and show how they all support and reinforce one another. If he cries, then he is rewarded by being picked up and held close to his warm, soft Mom - maybe he will even get an extra snack! But when the baby insists on getting up through the night, the mother will not get her rest.
It is like a neglected garden where little weeds become large plants that choke out the good plants.
They know their child does not have the necessary self-control to keep from pulling over the plant or breaking the beautiful vase.
Depending upon the age, we train our child to obey us to stay within those certain boundaries. She sees lots of interesting things going on in the hallway: Siblings playing, lots of coming and going etc.
When we take the child to a new place or they are mobile, we need to remind them that the boundaries are similar to the boundaries at home. The child will then in the future struggle much more with the parent because they know they can get their own way ten percent of the time.
This means that they actually lose out from whining, rebelling or just having an attitude about some rule. Even more importantly is that her testy rebellious spirit instantly changed into a compliant and cheerful spirit.
Because our children go to bed at regular times, does this mean we should not go to the service?
As a pastor I am humbled at the many parents who involve themselves and their children in regular sports activities on the Lord's Day.
The very patterns that they are familiar with will become the same patterns that they will naturally adopt for their own, as they get older.
If we start when our babies are but tiny little infants, they will know no other alternative.
If we establish our routines early on, then we can have a relatively peaceful and quiet home, a home where parents have wonderful relationships with their child.

If the child fusses when asking, they should never get that item; otherwise, we are training them that whining gets results and they will use whining more.
For example, we have a living room woodstove that heats the house and runs very hot 24 hours a day on cold days.
We often just tell the child that they cannot do what they are wrongly asking for not only today but also the next day.
The more consistent parents are in their training, the quicker their children will learn these things. It would have been easier to allow her to sit in the big chair, but there would be a lost opportunity for training. This often happens when they become aware of other ways of doing things like when they become conscious of their own wills (two-year olds) or see a friend get away with something.
A tired child will be glad for a nap if it is associated with pleasant words and calm routine. Self-control is fully implemented when the child does the specific task, and later the whole routine without any parental observation. If you find yourself upset about where they end up, then you need to train them more effectively. We need to make clear that the parents are always in charge and can change things if they so desire. Like a technician, we identify the routine and the different elements that we want accomplished, we spot the problem, add training and the routine is up and running. King Solomon's willingness to disobey God in the one area of sensuality caused the kingdom to be torn in two. The tendency to control the environment through crying, in order to please their own desires, is the first expression of a child's sinful nature.
By allowing the baby to cry, the baby learns that his desires are not the most important matter in the world. Let us look at the specific steps for how to establish these built-in controls in all of our children. Her siblings were saying how nice the coat and hat looked, but it didn't make any difference for the hat.
Then cheerfully sit him down and always buckle him in even if he fusses, squirms or you think he doesn't like it. Brushing the teeth routine includes: going to the bathroom when told, reaching the brush, getting a small cup of water, wetting the brush a bit, putting a tiny bit of toothpaste on the brush, putting the tube back covered, brushing correctly, spitting out the toothpaste, taking a little drink of water, rinsing off the toothbrush, putting the toothbrush away in its proper place, putting cup back and leave the room for what is next. God set parents in charge because they have the wisdom to discern God's goals and make the necessary adjustments.
We might add a nap to their day or plan to let them sleep a little later the next day, but it is important to be with God's people celebrating God's goodness. The schedule helps put things in order so that parent and child know where they are headed. We focus on developing a relationship with them rather than 'always' criticizing them for things they are not doing right. This in turn causes more disobedience, more chastisement and a longer time to train the child. In order to avoid confrontation or out of just plain ignorance, some parents resort to having their child sleep with them.
Endure a bit more crying and fussing, and the child will return to the former compliant attitude. Of course, as the children grow older they will have more activities, and these can seem to dominate things.
Most parents are unsuccessful in training because they are inconsistent; they don't always carry through to compel their child to obey each instruction or command that they give. Application: Does your child exhibit the self-control necessary to play contentedly by himself? Once the pattern of training is done several times, it is easier to train in other situations. The downfall of his kingdom came within the next generation just because he didn't exercise self-control in that one area. There will be times that it is impossible for them to attend (because of sickness, conflict, etc.), but it should not be because we want to strictly keep some routine. Once she saw the stick, she without doubt knew Mom was serious and gave up her 'testy' spirit. It might help the parent to view this 'half-baked' child training as disobedience training.
But once Mom responds consistently, the child soon learns that it always a bad idea to touch that rug. At times we need to make sure we are working with each other such as in giving rides or having family devotions.

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