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Anyhow, regardless of whether or not your in a relationship, we all have a relationship with ourselves. Sign up for my monthly Newsletter and you will receive FREE updates on my best tips, videos (and even exclusive specials & goodies that I only share with my subscribers! This entry was posted in February 2014, Tarot spreads and tagged 5 card tarot spread, free tarot layout, free tarot spread, self love tarot spread, valentine's tarot spread. Do you ever help people with spread interpretation, if they are hitting a wall with a spread they have drawn? For example, If you had The Sun in the "Release" position (this card again, really? This is an awesome explanation of what neg cards in positive positions could mean (and vice versa).
As an adventurous and promiscuous Tarot lover, I may scamper off with other decks from time to time just for the thrill, but I always return to these ones because I know I’m always guaranteed a satisfying, soul quenching reading. If your into things like Eckhart Tolle, Eastern spirituality and meditation, then you will really enjoy working with this deck.
I think that both men and women will equally enjoy this deck – many Tarot decks are a bit girly and fluffy, but not the Osho Zen. To be perfectly honest, this deck isn’t my favorite deck to read with, but it is one of my favorite decks to meditate with and to study.
This deck is super atmospheric and gazing at these cards can transport you to another world – especially if you’re the spacey-outey type like me! The cards closely follow the Rider-Waite-Smith imagery, so this is a great deck for beginners to learn Tarot with.
This entry was posted in May 2015 and tagged best tarot decks, favorite tarot decks, tarot blog, top 10 tarot decks, top tarot decks.
I love these decks I have three decks right now, The Mythic Tarot which I use most often because they are easy to use, Angels of Atlantis Oracle cards (which are beautiful!) and my favourite deck right now that I searched ages for and love the imagery is the Robert Wang Jungian Tarot.
Thank you Sue for sharing your deck collection here I don’t have the witches tarot, but I have the other two and I agree with your observations on them both. The Dame Darcy tarot – I wanted a nautical themed deck which I love and now I have it!.
Goddess tarot by Kris Waldherr – people normally use RWS as their beginner deck, this is my learner deck.
My go-to decks are the Alchemical Tarot and The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery by Robert M. If I’m feeling abstract and sort of magical, I always seem to pick up the Fairy Lights Tarot by Lucia Mattioli. Brie, you’ve mentioned some fascinating sounding decks here that I am not familiar with… now I must google them all!
Alchemical Tarot – and the book has many old alchemical illustrations that were sources for the images. Etruscan Tarot – reading this deck is like sitting on a sun-drenched patio in the ancient mediterranean, with the lovely frescoes glowing off the walls.
I also enjoy the Fairy Tale tarot, but I only have Fools Dog app so I mostly just enjoy reading the companion book sometimes. The RWS has never really been the greatest to look at, but the used version I bought some time ago has a very strong energy to it.
My favourite to use is the Fantastical Creatures deck, someone gave it to me as a gift and I have been learning on it ever since. Good to hear you love the Tarot Mucha, I’ve heard lots of good things about that deck – I will have to check it out!

New Years Day is one of my favorite times to do a Tarot reading (along with Halloween and my birthday).
This entry was posted in December 2013, Tarot spreads and tagged 2014 tarot spread, new years tarot spread, tarot card spread, tarot forecast spread, tarot layouts, tarot spreads for predicting the future. How wonderful that you’re doing readings for your family – they are lucky to have a Tarot reader in their midst!
As for laying out the cards, you can choose their cards for them or they can – whatever you feel most comfortable with. Thank you for posting this spread, it was a great way to paint the picture for the coming year. I look forward to revisiting this spread as this spread as the year progresses to see what clarity might arise in the future.
It can be interesting to look back at your reading months later to see how things turned out. I’m so glad you enjoyed doing this spread Druidcraft is a lovely deck to use for a New Years reading, too!
I had never heard of the Celestial Tarot so I just googled it – gosh, is is gorgeous! So for the last three weeks I have had Justice & 3 of Swords show up in my weekly 3 card reading. I am planning on visiting the new, fancy chocolatier store in my town and then treating myself to a latte and an hour of sketching (or writing) in a nearby coffee shop. I will be treating myself this Valentine’s by soaking in a bubble bath then putting on my fuzzy robe while I enjoy a coconut milk hot chocolate!
Thanks for trying it out on your blog – I really liked how you interpreted the cards you got I especially liked how you got Page of Cups at the end – I think the messages seemed pretty clear! Out of all the decks in my Tarot deck collection (and there are many), these are the decks I go back to again and again. I feel like I am truly tapping into my gypsy, tarot reading self when I read with these cards.
I find them to be excellent at getting to the real meat of a situation – the deep, underlying issues that need to be recognized.
I always recommend this deck as the deck to learn on, because if you learn with this deck, you will be able to easily read with most other decks that are based on the Rider-Waite structure and symbolism. I ended up trimming my deck to get rid of the annoying white borders, so the cards in this photo look a bit different from when I first got them. I like using it for professional readings because there are no scary looking cards and everyone seems to love this deck.
Images are fairytale-ish and even a bit childish, which gives the deck a gentle feel to it.
The people on these cards can sometimes seem a bit fugly, but they’re always easy to relate to.
Druidy vibe and magical feel – you really feel like your using a special deck of cards when you do a reading with the Druidcraft. This deck I am finding to be non-confrontational, which would make it an ideal deck for doing readings for others. The cards are ethereal and loaded with subconscious imagery – using it always gives me goosebumps! I only have a few Tarot and Oracle decks, and most of them have come from your recommendations…LOL! This year, I have designed a special New Years Tarot Spread to help you get a snapshot of the year ahead as you sit down to write out your 2014 goals and envision what you want to create over the next 12 months.

Specifically, what card did you get in the middle (position #5) and what does it mean for you? I want to be able to at least be knowledgable by the end of this year so I can do readings for my family members as a gift for their new year, so this was a great way for me to do their New Years reading.
When I do readings I always get the other person to choose their own cards, mainly because I think it makes them feel like they are taking part in their reading.
I used it with the Vintage Wisdom Oracle and the answers were so clear, it’s still processing it all.
This year I really want to focus and commit to working with my decks more and this card just seems to confirm that for me.
Starting with the Queen of Pentacles and the Knight of Cups, my theme for the year being 7 of Pentacles followed by The Empress and finishing up with the Ace of Cups and the 4 of Wands. Now of course it would depend on which cards specifically, but this could mean a number of things. You're grieving or betrayed (Ten of Swords) and you need to work through that grief in order to be loving to yourself.
The images and symbols on the cards really pull me in and I find myself going on a mini-journey into my self each time I read with this deck.
Yes, it makes it impossible to shuffle but the cards act as windows into a different realm.
I usually ignore most companion books, but this one has a lot of good info and fun spreads and stuff. I love Doreen Virtue’s tarot and angel oracle cards, I have her Angel Tarot, Archangel Tarot and the Guardian Angel Tarot cards. There’s something comfortably RWS about them, and at the same time, the artwork and symbolism feel so deep and inspiring. My guide cards were interesting too, first message the 4 of swords, final advice the 9 of wands…. Looks like all the heartache I had last year has gone and all my efforts and hard work will finally pay off this year. Also, this card can indicate letting go of any emotional pain left over from a broken relationship or past betrayal.
Or maybe you're in a bad situation, and the reading is telling you to stop pretending and get the hell out of dodge. You will want the book especially if you’re interested in druidry or earth based spirituality. I am super excited Doreen has a Fairy Tarot card deck coming out with Radleigh Valentine this autumn. This Ace shows emotional and intuitive fulfillment, and can also indicated the start of a new project, something you are passionate about.
But ask yourself what could be positive about the “negative” cards and what might be negative about those positive cards? It lets me know whether I am on the right track with my interpretations or whether I get it wrong, as the look on the High Priestess’s face changes expression. The surrounding cards verified a new way of feeling, having more heart, action upon passions. I don’t resonate with the artwork as much, but the concept of the minors creating a flowing panoramic view is so unique!

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