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I would like to know about my love life in the future, mainly if I will marry and be happy, also if my ex-boyfriend will come back to me, or if the current man I am with is the one (I am 20 years old, by the way)? Perhaps because I tend to be overly descriptive myself, I am in awe at the way in which you put so many important issues in such a short space. You gave multiple questions; this is fine, and I will take your questions in the order in which you have given them. Even if we look at the part of marriage, which is a point calculated using the degree of the ascendant, the ascendant, and the position of Venus, we see that it is at 18° Aries in the seventh house, and the picture is not terribly positive.
I think your current guy is a better bet, if he is Mercury in Libra in the first house, as I suspect. Iam 29 years old and I just want to have the career advice so that I can achieve greater heights in the near future. My Sisters daughter has lost her gold dollar on 20th Oct, 08, will she be able to get back her lost item. Nina Gryphon will be on sabbatical from readings for the remainder of 2013 to pursue personal creative projects. Then about three weeks ago from today I had to pick up a DVD that he had of mine, so I went to his house. From that day on I called him twice and he didn’t return my call- then I tried again and he did call me back.

I really sympathize with your situation, and I understand how difficult it must be to deal with someone who plays with your heart like that. Perhaps the horoscope will not show that either is particularly more appropriate, and you may have to make the decision yourself as to whether you wish to give yourself and him another chance, or just let it go. You are shown by Venus, ruler of the first house of self, and the moon, which shows your emotional side.
My ray of hope here is that your two planets are in the very benefic 11th house, showing that you have the upper hand in the situation. Even so, we see that the moon has very recently separated from a conjunction with Venus, and will conjoin the Sun in 9 degrees. The good news is that Mars, his planet, is in the sign of Venus, where it loves whatever Venus stands for, which in this horoscope is you.
One thing that I noticed is that the very benefic star Spica is on the ascendant, showing that no matter what happens with the situation, it will happen for the best.
The most common thing to do when one wants to break up with someone is to take a walnut bath. States of America, or we have received permission from the copyright holder to distribute the work. A work in the public domain in the United States may not be in the public domain in your country.

We have made a good-faith effort to exclude works which we do not have permission to distribute. I’ve long realized that I need to make a gradual change in my career due to the physical demands that it requires (scaffolding, ladders, etc).
Before making any important decisions, you are encouraged to consult personally with a competent professional. This is usually how I operate : ) I get comfortable in a situation and am not motivated to make changes. I would still see him every two weeks and we would go for lunch or dinner to talk as friends. I would ask him over and over if we could try our relationship again, that I love him and want to work us out.
He replied no, and he cannot go back, because his feelings for me were not the same any more.

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