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About a year ago I started working with the eBay Partner Network Team as the producer of the “Chatting with ePN” video series – maybe you’ve seen an episode or two? I hope you’ll take a few minutes to leave some suggestions and constructive feedback in the comments section below. I look forward to working with all of you and wish you continued success here at eBay Partner Network. I don’t know about everyone else but I get enough affiliate marketing industry news and educational content else where but not enough EPN related learning, findings, experiences, best practices, tips of things that are working and not working.
I personally would really appreciate it if we could subscribe to these blog updates by email versus RSS. Personally, I’d like to see a mapping between the old RSS Feed Generator request parameters and the new format, with explanations of the possible values for each parameter. I think it would be great to have a case study on getting into the mind of the typical eBay shopper. I agree with you (and Jane) on glitches – we need to have a concise way that we communicate that to our partners. Shortly after EPN switched to in house tracking, a satisfaction survey was sent to all affiliates. In general, if you vist the more known affiliate boards that deal with EPN, the mood towards eBay is not what it used to be and there is a LOT of distrust about numerous things the main one being tracking and fualty click filtering.
We hope you’ll continue to share constructive comments and feedback with us going forward.
This will be a GREAT series to invite friends to especially if they are unconvinced and undecided about Jesus. Developing a name that will resonate with consumers, meet our branding objectives and be legally available requires creativity and stamina. Adequate time: While some aspects of naming, legal clearance and visual branding can be parallel pathed, the proper sequencing of work within a realistic timeline greatly improves the chances of an optimal outcome. A solid creative brief: Clearly define your strategic objectives at the beginning, and focus the creative work in the most fertile areas. Decision-maker buy-in: Get all key decision makers to buy in to the creative brief, including evaluation criteria, up front. Continuous legal input: Involvement of your legal team from the beginning, with input at key milestones, reduces the chance that your top name choices will all prove unavailable. Ideally your preferred name should pass an in depth legal search before your begin visual branding. Will the name need to be available only in our category or in all CPG categories, nationally or globally? Criteria for evaluation: this distills all of the objectives into a “must have” checklist all parties can refer to continually to keep the process on track. Each type has its merits and its challenges, and we’ll go into more depth about these territories in our next issue of Elixir. Verbal branding concepts are vulnerable to subjective evaluation based on individual tastes and comfort zones.
The antidote to this is a well-crafted brief with clear evaluation criteria that all decision makers agree to before the creative begins. Your creative team can, and should, do a very basic search on each of their recommended names. If a name is unlikely to pass on its own, discuss options for inventive spelling or logical modifiers such as “Vineyards” or “Spirits” that don’t dilute the impact of the name. You should now have a short list of names with great potential, each of which has passed the initial legal review.
Great brands lean heavily on great names – names that represent big ideas and capture consumers’ hearts.
Explore synonyms, visually and fluidly: Visual Thesaurus is a low-cost tool that we find helpful – it clusters related words into subgroups of nuanced meaning. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY“I've been working with Sterling Creativeworks since I started at Constellation Brands two years ago. Cynthia and everyone on her team have been extremely collaborative throughout the process from the first briefing all the way to the press checks and all the requests and deliverables in between. A planned packaging refresh project quickly turned into a complete redesign, and our team couldn't be happier with the results."Taylor Knight,Director of Marketing, Crimson Wine Group“I've worked with [this] amazing team on several key packaging design projects with superlative results. For three of those I was the Director of Emerging Media & Strategy for New York based MediaTrust.

I know we’ll have some great stories and posts coming our way from you and I look forward to working with you on future projects too. I’m really happy to be on board and I look forward to doing some exciting things with the amazing teams here at eBay and at ePN.
I have most video sharing sites blocked on my network, so when you use vimeo or others, it’s blocked. Hopefully my message doesn’t hit the dust as it has so many other times because it seems as though comments either are unmoderated or rarely get published. Additionally, more transparency on Quality Click Pricing and how we can improve EPC and drive better quality leads is always welcomed. I’m trying to not let comments fall through the cracks if they are relevant and on topic. Give us more lead time than you currently do for special promotions, bonuses, coupon events, sales, and other timely announcements. If we want to promote college basketball championship stuff, we need to start working those promotions into our sites by January so that we can be promoting them during February. Try to make sure that things posted on the blog actually pertain in some way to affiliates. I agree that we could be better at doing lots of those things and it’s my goal going forward.
We are planning another satisfaction survey as we believe it provides valuable data for us to do our jobs better. They wona€™t be able to contact you or comment on your strips and you wona€™t see their comics anymore. What does Jesus have say to about himself, His nature, His work and His feelings about you? As tempting as it is to dive right into the creative process and brainstorm about naming ideas, remember that the best creative is built on a solid foundation. Name exploration, list building, editing and preliminary legal approval of the short list will take six to eight weeks.
While we certainly don’t want our creative process to be driven by the legal team, basic legal requirements should be on the table at the beginning. It’s tempting to say, “Explore all possibilities,” but some types are better fits for our category, your organization’s risk tolerance, and your brand objectives.
With no context, even the savviest senior managers may default to what is familiar, short-circuiting your efforts to break through with a big idea.
Better to uncover objections early on and retool the brief than to spend valuable time and money only to find out the boss thinks you’ve gone off the rails. A Google search, online trademark search using TESS and review of available web domains eliminates names that are clearly unavailable. They are always willing and ready to help and always with a careful eye to details and with a cheerful attitude. Most recently, I’ve served as a consultant helping businesses find their voice using new media channels. We’ll continue to provide updates and best practices in regards to ePN, but I think there is also value in sharing information that can help publishers grow their businesses. I’d like to stay informed via this blog and the video series and participate more in the ePN community where I feel I can be helpful. Buyers need to find the items and order them by mid- to late-February in order to have their team jackets and jerseys in hand by the time March Madness starts. We won’t always be perfect but I can tell you that the team here is constantly focused on what we can do better. I’ve seen clients attempt to parallel-path name generation, visual brand development and legal research. This channels the creative work into name ideas that are most likely to gain momentum within your organization. For instance, invented names are easiest to trademark, but may require more marketing support to convey meaning to consumers.
Buy-in at senior management level on the evaluation criteria will keep everyone strategically focused throughout the process.
However, the research needed to fully vet a name requires a legal team with expertise in the area.
If this approach doesn’t work, go back to your list and find other strong candidates to pursue.

Which names best capture the brand essence, connect with the consumer target, are sticky and have depth? Much more often, though, a great verbal brand is the result of a solid creative brief, clear criteria, collaboration with the legal team, and an adequate timeline. Her creativity, executional excellence and category expertise allowed her to deliver far beyond other packaging firms with which I have worked….”Jason Daniel, Constellation Wines“Hard-working, enthusiastic creative designers dedicated to understanding the scope of the project and delivering a wide range of options to clients.
But if item specifics are really going to be required in a bunch of additional categories, that would make it much more useful for affiliates. In too many cases, the team got excited about a name, launched into package design based on that name, and then found out there was a legal concern with the name.
Get broad guidelines at the beginning, and then have them review your top 20 list early in the process, before you become attached to favorites.
It’s far better to move to a second choice name than to adulterate a great name with an awkward or cumbersome modifier that takes the ring out of the concept.
Not only did the final design exceed our expectations, but it helped us better communicate our unique branding and positioning to the trade and consumers. In [their] round one creative presentation I was shocked and impressed by the number of viable options presented…. If you had posted an announcement here on the blog, at least we would have known that the eBay Partner Network Team was aware of the glitch and was working on it. Is there anything about this “catalog” that we can make use of as affiliates to better promote eBay listings to our visitors? Too deep in the package design process to backtrack, the name ended up with an awkward modifier that diluted its strength.
Consider presenting them to senior management in the context of a preliminary package design.
We’ll discuss the pros and cons of different types of names in the specific context of wine and spirits. It reinforced our key selling points and created an ownable look for us on the shelf."Angie Vetter,Brand Manager, Jackson Family Wines“I have worked with Cynthia and her team on two brand launch projects over the last few months. They take the time to understand the business issue, serve as branding consultants throughout the process, and produce beautiful results.
The creative exploration went far and wide and showed that ‘no stones went unturned’…”Paul Englert, ?Wilson Daniels“The Sterling Cross team designed the complete visual identity for a new wine brand which launched in early 2010.
Not only do we need lead time to schedule time into our calendars to promote the event, but we also need to allow for lead time to buyers to find things, buy them, and receive them. Timely, accurate and relevant communication with affiliates about things that affect us is the single best improvement you could make.
Far better to start early enough to allow legal to do their homework before investing resources in design development. If budget allows for this, it will help the whole team fully understand the concept and potential of your name choices. They have done packaging design, brand story development, copywriting and creative inspiration work for us and have truly hit it out of the park in all aspects.
We should see higher WBR for purchases that we drive — will that translate into higher earnings for us? I’d really like to see blog posts where you tell us about these kinds of changes and let us know how how they can be used in our activities as affiliates. Their depth of experience really showed as all of the designs and brand development work has been very strategic, on trend and innovative.
The label, capsule, cork, and shippers all reflect the creativity and attention to detail … invested in this project…”Keith Scott, DiageoCopyright © 2016 Sterling Creativeworks.
Not only were we impressed, but when we shared the designs with the sales team and members from the trade, they were equally delighted with the new designs. But that change will probably result in lower sales of oversized and heavy items that are costly to ship, so affiliates who focus on items that are expensive to ship may need to examine their strategies. I would love to see a blog post about what this seller release means for affiliates….

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