Name change due to numerology

The Sheffield Predators American Football Club is calling on the public to suggest new names as part of the club's re-brand.
This will involve changes to the Club’s name, logo and club colours, and will apply to all levels of football including Youth, Adult Contact and Flag.
The Club will immediately engage in a period of public consultation, inviting suggestions as to the Club’s new name.
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Donte Whitner name change on holdA due to government shutdown Whitner name change on hold due to Gov. Donte Whitner's plans to change his name to Hitner are on hold due to the government shutdown. Donte Hitner won't be taking the field for the 49ers until the government shutdown is over.

San Francisco safety Donte Whitner announced he was dropping the W from his last name last week, but the standstill in Washington has put his plans on hold, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter. Whitner announced his plans for the name change after he was hit with a $21,000 fine for an illegal hit on Rams wide receiver Chris Givens earlier this season, and was even planning on selling t-shirts that read #LegalHitter. But even when the government gets back up and running, Whitner still has another huge roadblock to overcome before he can play under his new identity.
According to TMZ, the NFL only allows players to change the name on their jerseys unless they're willing to buy all the remaining Nike inventory featuring their old names. Christopher Breaux will have to wait to make his dreams of legally adopting his stage name, Frank Ocean, come true. The crooner apparently has too many driving violations to change his name, according to TMZ. In addition to his reckless driving summer, Ocean’s driver’s license has also been suspended several times for failing to appear in court.

When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Post-consultation, the Club will create a public poll of the most popular suggestions, giving the public the opportunity to vote for their favourite. That means that any unsold Whitner jerseys would have to be bought before Nike starts making Hitner ones.
Ocean applied to have his name legally changed on March 7, however, he acquired three tickets in Los Angeles in a matter of months. In June, he was caught riding around without insurance, the following month he was stopped for driving with his headlights off and in August, he was slammed with a speeding ticket for going 31 miles per hour over the speed limit.

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