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The ability to comprehend music notation as more than just a jumble of meaningless dots on a page is a huge advance in your musicianship. Given a key center and scale type, imagine the notes in any interval pattern (2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths). I've had many requests to share about how I organize my Treasures materials with all the games and pieces.
The Target dollar spot is really helping me with my organization  I found these pocket folders in the dollar spot in several colors so I bought a few. On our Daily 5 board, the choices and group names are attached with Velcro so it is removable. On another note, I was one of the winners of Christina Bainbridge's 1500 follower giveaway and I got this great Ocean themed pack from her. You should be able to describe the key signature (two flats, Bb and Eb) and be able to identify every note by letter name, scale degree, and Solfege syllable.

There is no excuse for having nothing to do while stuck in traffic or a long line at the grocery store. Since we had a teacher workday on Tuesday, I took some pictures of how I am organizing everything. I am going to use the small one to organize my vocabulary cards, high frequency word cards, and standards correlations for each story. I place these pages in the clear page protectors so I can just copy them through the plastic and put them back in the notebook. I know that Daily 5 is all about choice but my kiddos this year just couldn't handle choosing.
My kiddos use these for their book boxes and I had a few extra that I could use for reading groups.
We only have 6 units in the Treasures series so I'm using the other spaces for math and unit resources.

Our state has a new law starting next year that students who don't pass the TCAP in 3rd grade must be held back if there is no history of interventions. I was spending too much time redirecting when I should have been doing reading groups so we went to a uniform choice for their reading group. This way, if I am out, it is easy for the sub to find materials for the groups and I don't misplace the books or their papers.
So my group now will be the first ones that affects so we are working hard to make sure that doesn't happen.
I also have AR as part of the rotations because we don't have any other time to do it during the day.

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