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Baby name generatorOur baby name generator has been specially designed to help you choose the perfect name for your future baby, boy or girl, hypothetical or about to be born.
With material taken from the revised and updated A-Z of Baby Names, which has over 2,500 first names with their meaning and origins, our Baby Name Generator takes a wide range of information into consideration, and offers a result specific to you and the answers you provide. You like to keep up with the trend-setters, so why not name your son the most popular boys’ name in recent years: Harry?
You’re a hopeless romantic, harking back to the classic era, and as such Valentine is the perfect name for your baby boy.
You’re hoping for a little prince, which suggests Griffith may be the name for your little boy. Your son will be a king – even if only in your eyes – so Harold seems like a good name for him.
You like to stay on trend, so why not name your daughter one of the most on-trend names in recent years: Amelia?
It sounds like you know your TV, and therefore you may like to name your child Sybil, of 1970s UK sitcom Fawlty Towers and (more recently) UK drama Downton Abbey fame. Your daughter will be intelligent and cunning, just like Ariadne, the daughter of the Cretan king Minos in classical mythology. You’re a traditional parent, with traditional hopes for your little lamb, Una, which is the anglicized form of Irish Una, a traditional name of uncertain derivation. You look to the fantastic for inspiration, so Alice could be the perfect name for your little girl.
Your little girl is going to be a heroine, just like those named Rosalind have been throughout literary history. The opinions and other information contained in OxfordWords blog posts and comments do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of Oxford University Press.

All the materials on this website are probably protected by copyright and intellectual property laws.
It is always fun and interesting to predict a baby’s name, and our handy tool is free and easy to use.
All of the names are individually selected from this most authoritative compendium of baby names, and if you’re not happy of your result, just have another go! Your answers point towards the name Chandler, made famous by the comedic character of Chandler in the US sitcom Friends.
Associated with the American Academy awards for achievement in the film industry, Oscar is an ancient Irish name, now characteristically Scandinavian, after Oscar Bernadotte, godson of Napoleon and King Oscar I of Sweden. In Greek legend, Leander swam across Hellespont every night to visit his beloved Hero, and back again every morning. Transferred use of the surname, it was first bestowed as a given name in honour of the poet Lord Byron (1784-1824). The short form of Judas, itself a Greek form of the biblical name Judah,it is famously the name of the central character in Thomas Hardy’s novel Jude the Obscure (1895).
Sybil is from the Greek name Sybilla meaning a class of ancient prophetesses inspired by Apollo. She gave the Athenian hero Theseus a ball of wool to enable him to find his way out of the Labyrinth after killing the Minotaur. The name Daphne was borne by a nymph in Greek mythology who was changed into a laurel by her father, a river god, so that she could escape the attentions of Apollo.
Borne in Greek mythology by the wife of Odysseus, Penelope sat patiently awaiting his return for twenty years while, as a supposed widow, fending off a pressing horde of suitors. Originally a variant of Adelaide, being the Old French form of the Germanic name Adalheidis,it was revived by Lewis Carroll for the child heroine of his books Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking glass (1872).

The beautiful daughter of Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, she loves Hamlet and eventually goes mad and drowns herself. A-Z of Baby Names spans traditional names, from Anne and Albert to Victoria and William, to more modern names from Azalea and Bryn to Brooklyn and Zanna, and every name in between – and the Baby Name Generator reflects this variety.
Chandler is a transferred use of the surname, which originated as a name for someone who sold candles. The 1984 birth of Prince Harry, the younger son of the Prince of Wales, no doubt contributed to the name’s recent dramatic rise in popularity.
It was the name of a Roman martyr of the 3rd century, whose feast is celebrated on 14 February. Since the second half of the 20th century, the name has become popular outside Wales, as a result of the fame of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (1914-53), and the American singer Bob Dylan (b. Its popularity as a given name owes much to its use by Edmund Spenser for the character of a shepherdess in his pastoral poetry. The rapid ascent in fame of the boy-band One Direction, and its posterboy Harry Styles, may also have a role to play , not to mention a certain young wizard, Harry Potter. Notable bearers include fashion mogul Calvin Klein, and Scottish DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer Calvin Harris.
1965), it is transferred from the surname, which was originally a name for someone who lived near a brook.

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