Name meanings and personality in urdu

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The realization that color has influence over the human mind is as old as recorded history.
The fundamental meanings of colors have been present in the wisdom of all cultures, but somewhat confusing and occasionally misinterpreted.
Based on extensive research in both the history and tradition of talismans and the more modern human psychological studies of the fundamental effects of color on human bodies and minds, we now know the real, natural effects of gemstone, crystal and mineral color influence rays. This Great Wheel of Life shows the entire year and the entire color spectrum as they naturally flow - bringing you the knowledge of your place and time. On the Great Wheel the colors flow from the dark indigos and blues of the winter sky through the promise of spring in the melting turquoise waters of the brooks and lakes as they are freed of ice.
Not only is the Talismanic Color Wheel of Influence a depiction of the natural order of life through the year, it is also a depiction of the natural order of human life.

3rd: You consider purchasing a frame for added beauty and protection to insure your gift a longer life.
But with the research of today’s practitioners of biology, biochemistry, and physics, we can sort truth from fiction.
The colors change to the greens of spring, then to the bright yellows of the hot summer sun.
In contrast to astrologicial signs and other birthstone lists, the color wheel shows us the color of our birth time on earth. Our personalized gifts are the perfect gift for many occasions such as, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Valentines Day, and many more! The colors then start to darken, first to the oranges and reds of the autumn leaves then further as the Earth moves into winter, more into the amethysts, violets, and indigos of the now barren landscapes devoid of most plants, but still vibrant with the natural earth tones of the minerals and rocks. Start from the winter solstice at the top and follow the color wheel and the year around to the left.
The second inner ring shows the days of the year as the year and the color changes progress through the greens of spring, the yellows of summer, and the reds of autumn.

Then, like other parts of nature, in our springtime of life we experience a period of rapid physical and intellectual growth as we find our way to adulthood and maturity. And, just like other life on Earth, a high summer period of young adulthood occurs when we have the enthusiasm, joy, and physical vigor of youth. We then have usually found our mates and paths and, as we mature into full adulthood, the time of passion arrives. As we mature and gather experience our lives turn inward with reflection and we see things for their real value.

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