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Note: Some of these names are uncertain in meaning and can differ depending upon the root from which they are judged to be taken.

The second list of names and their meanings {from Adam to Noah} were discovered by someone else, but I don't know who.
There is some uncertainty about the names after the flood to Abraham (in the third genealogy), but after that the meaning of the names are all but certain all the way down to Jesus. It is interesting to compare what the name-code reads as compared to the events that occurred during that portion of the genealogy.
Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory," (Col.
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Some latitude is surely required in the translation for the simply reason that this is a bible code of sorts and thus tends to be more ridged than normal speech. At the very least, the names in these lists demonstrate the hopes and longings of the people who named their child at any given period of time.
While we certainly should not build any theology on these collective meanings, nonetheless, it seems that we tentatively have yet another Divine evidence for the Bible!

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