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Switch off your mobile phones today and wait for someone to call you on the landline number. Wishing your loved ones a very Happy National Telephone Day can be one good reason to have some chitchat.
Some of our young generation might be very unaware of the importance of regular landline phone since they have seen mobile phones right from their first day in this world. There is a possibility that you might be expecting some guests this special day at your place.
Persons hard of hearing, who have difficulty in carrying on a telephone conversation, are said to be aided by the new set illustrated above.
Acrobatic skill in holding the receiver between shoulder and chin when telephoning, in an effort to free both hands for something else, is no longer necessary if a receiver-holding attachment is fitted to your phone.
The new appliance is merely a bracket that bolts to the phone back of the transmitter and holds the receiver at the proper elevatiou and angle for convenient use.
America’s oldest telephone, pictured here, was used before the Civil War by abolitionists who helped negroes escape. The cave man lived for and by himself; independent of others, but always in danger from natural laws.
To the extent that we assist one another, dividing up the tasks, we increase our capacity for production, and attain the advantages of civilization. He needs better food and clothes and shelter and implements than he could provide unassisted. He should not forget who makes his clothes, his shoes, his tools, his vehicles and his tableware, or who mines his metals, or who provides his pepper and salt, his books and papers, or who furnishes the ready means of transportation and exchange whereby his myriad wants are supplied.
Take the telephone specialists of the Bell System: the more efficient they are, the more effectively the farmer and every other human factor of civilization can provide for their own needs and comforts. The busy executive can now carry on conversations over the telephone without even lifting a finger to hold it.
MAKING telephone number connections three times faster than can be done with an ordinary dial device is the work accomplished by a recent London invention. Trying to reach a friend by phone the other day, I got the busy signal five times in a row.
THE numbers dialed on automatic telephones can now be recorded on a call indicator device invented by William Green-berg of Portland, Ore. Maybe there was a time when one telephone seemed enough, just as one radio and one bathroom and one car seemed enough. While waiting for emergencies to call it into service, the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co.
In the eye of a needle above is a transistor switch that can turn on or off in ten billionths of a second.

Push one of Touch-a-matic’s 32 buttons and it places prerecorded phone numbers for you. I love it when writers with expertise in one area just throw in huge advances in other technologies as a possible result of another. Special cameras of new design are taking the place of human meter readers who check and record, each month, the number of telephone calls for which you are to be billed. One thing is for sure that whosoever will call you is going to ask the reason for switching off your mobile phone. Try to call those friends, colleagues, and relatives with whom you may not have been in contact for quite some time. If you are a schoolteacher or have some school going kids, then one good thing to do is share this information with them. If it happens to be a dinner then you must be having some plans for the sweet dish or desserts to be served after dinner.
When answering a call, the user places a receiver of conventional design (at right of photo) upon the base of an instrument resembling a physicians’s stethoscope. He requires a market for his surplus products, and the means of transportation and exchange. The fiery missiles pull telephone wire from a new type of dispenser across streams, ravines, and other obstacles. It broadens its products, expands its market, hires more people, gains more customers, faces more competition.
Just slip this plastic card into Bell Labs’ experimental dialer phone and the number is dialed automatically.
In the center of the regular telephone dial is a space where the numbers being dialed are reproduced, showing what number is being called, and warning immediately of any error. It is an example of the micro-miniature devices that Western Electric makes today for the new Electronic Switching Systems now being put into service in the Bell telephone network.
11, 1973, Rudy Pudluk, community manager of Resolute on a Canadian island above the Arctic Circle, made a long-distance phone call to Ottawa. In the larger cities, a single telephone central office may employ as many as 10,000 individual registers or meters, and teams of clerks have been required to read them. Keeping in view that this day has something to do with the typical landline phone so better call on the landline number instead of cell number.
In school, you ask the kids to draw some pictures of telephone and their different types in past and present.
Just try something different by baking or placing an order for a cake shape like a regular telephone. The rare old photograph reproduced below shows these pioneers broadcasting from their studio.

He might eke out an existence, but it would not be a civilized existence nor would it satisfy him. One man, equipped with the dispenser, a few rockets, and a field telephone, can now set up communications in rough terrain faster than a large crew using conventional methods. The card could also be used to transmit information over telephone lines to computers, or even to check bank balances. Surely you don’t expect that lovely new bride to get along without a telephone in the kitchen! The English-speaking Eskimo chatted with Gerard Pelletier, Minister of Communications, and with David Golden, president of Telesat Canada, whose system carried his voice across the frozen North.
Photographing twenty-five meters at a time, the cameras give a quicker reading and one that is proof against error.
Still if the caller does not understand, what you mean then tell him or her that today is April 25 and it is being celebrated as National Telephone Day.
Each singer is holding a microphone, while other individual microphones are attached to the instruments. The rocket is set off in the original cardboard packing case, which is placed in a wedge-shaped hole dug in the ground. 96), a wartime development of the Jordanoff Corp., he need only transfer the phone from its regular cradle to the special one in the top of the instrument. The purpose of celebrating the National Telephone Day is to highlight its importance of this great device and to give tribute to Alexander Graham Bell who invented this remarkable device for us. To listen to the music, a subscriber had merely to sit beside the telephone and hold the receiver to his ear. Here the incoming voice is picked up directly from the phone’s earpiece and amplified through a loudspeaker, eliminating actual wire connections. Like many other days in the year, this day can also be turned into a special one if you come up with some unique ideas to celebrate it.
If he received a ‘phone call while listening, the musical program was automatically disconnected. An ordinary microphone, placed anywhere in the room, transmits the outgoing voice to the mouthpiece.

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