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There is no doubt with regard to the palpable vibrant alive energy that pulsates through natural gemstones. We have earlier done comprehensive reports on the world Ruby situation and as usual the prices have gone up by 30% compared to 6 months earlier when we did the report. Now that you know the actual situation of the World’s Ruby Market- Never encourage misnomers and misleading terms such as Old Mine Burma Ruby or New Mine Burma Ruby. This is where the ruby from African nations like Mozambique and Tanzania comes into play – it has pleasing attributes and is quite affordable in comparison to the exotic Burmese rubies, which are quite elusive even to the markets!
Note: The above links generally exist on the website for a period of 40 days after which they are periodically deleted to make way for new gemstones and to enable faster browsing. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you do initiate the process of getting a good gemstone recommendation for the purpose of implementing planetary gem therapy, do make sure that you choose the correct tool – in this particular case, planetary gems of jyotish quality. The list about details goes on, but it would suffice to say that a jyotish quality gem has to be carefully chosen. Here is an outline of a case study, where an individual had to learn this the really hard way, even after buying the gems.
A couple who got a gemstone recommendation from Gemstoneuniverse, decided to buy a gemstone from elsewhere. After all experimentation, the patron decided upon a jyotish quality emerald and a blue sapphire from the Gemstoneuniverse collection. It must be remembered that when you decide to implement planetary gem therapy, you use planetary energy to enhance the quality of your life and pace up your progress. You may have an expensive gem, but in the light of the strictures regarding planetary gems and ruling out doshas , it takes the discerning eye of an astro-gemologist to determine whether it is jyotish grade and suitable for planetary gemology or not! Take a look at the big lot of premium jewelry grade emeralds – these are superior goods, but not each of the gem in these is jyotish quality.
So, even if you have paid a handsome figure for your gem, the price alone does not guarantee that it is a jyotish quality gem.
The Blossoming of the Infinite Intelligence-The Sacred 16 Petal Lakshmi Ring-Flawless Yellow Sapphire!
We all are aware of the Sri Yantra– All called as the Yantraraj (King of all sacred Yantras).
1) Bindu– The centre point in the central triangle is called as the Bindu or SARVA ANANDAMAYI CHAKRA. The Bindu is represented by a Flawless unheated Yellow Sapphire the gem of the Divine Brihaspati who is the cause of all auspicious knowledge.
The Nature of the Mandala is the Sun of fire that is represented by the 18K Yellow Gold ring Shank.

We hate to harp on this but we would like to draw your attention to the delicate and exact process of sorting that ensures we are able to provide such wondrous beauties. Moving on, we ourselves are surprised that we listed this beauty as an entry Level Sapphire in May 2011. The magic is- A True Jyotish Gem chooses it wearer and also its destiny wherein in this case was the blessing of the divine feminine and the power of Sri Yantra being a vital part of the design element.
The natural Yellow sapphire is about mellow warmth and pleasantness, something that the human soul is forever seeking amid the harshness of daily living.
Pukhraj or pushyarag as it is popularly known, this fancy colored sapphire has been always en vogue! Featured here is a fully natural yellow sapphire of 2.40 carats from Sri Lanka set in 22 karat gold as a ladies Yellow sapphire ring.
Yellow sapphires have held a lot of attraction for people because of the benefits attributed to them in jyotish or Vedic astrology.
There is an increasing trend to have engagement rings crafted with “diamond cut” or “brilliant cut” Yellow Sapphires accented with diamonds or simulants.
The oval shaped gem has a weight of 1.07 carats and an appealing deep vibrant reddish pink color and has been set in 22-Karat gold as a Sun talisman.
We strongly recommend that an individual should get a proper gemstone recommendation before deciding to wear a ruby.
Please bear in mind that the Burmese ruby is invariably imperial pigeon blood red in color.
You have tangible information about pricing and hence please don’t be lured into purchasing inferior quality goods labelled as New Mine or Old Mine. Even though new deposits are found in Mozambique the prices for really fine gems some of which( as the one featured today)  are equal to the beauty of the Burmese ruby the prices for Natural Unheated Gem Quality Ruby will continue to rise. All materials presented here is protected by copyright laws.Unauthorized copying, duplication, transmission for commercial purposes, plagiarism will attract severe legal penalities. Success in endeavors is almost guaranteed if an individual applies this philosophy to every aspect of life and not just gem therapy. The proper gem recommendation will be of no avail if you allow errors to creep in, especially when you vacillate (simply considering the price of the gems; mind you jyotish quality gems are a rare breed and will come at a premium) in choosing a jyotish gem. It is not just about excelling on the 4C’s of cut, color, clarity and carat weight but also measuring up to the criteria and strictures listed in the shastras about what flaws are to be avoided in particular gems and what are the desired attributes that allow a gem to take a giant leap into the haloed category of jyotish gems. Now take a look at the gemstones, that the individuals bought previously from another source at a premium vis-à-vis the gemstone talismans furnished by Gemstoneuniverse to the same patron. Insist on certification and seek guidance from trusted names in the field of planetary gemology. In this magical realm we at Gemstoneuniverse feel extremely liberated when we get the opportunity to create a miracle.

Commissioned specifically on the request of the client this ring has several features and benefits that make it not only magical and powerful but also a very exquisite piece of fine jewellery.
It is the symbol of peace, prosperity, supreme bliss and empowers the individual to enjoy and truly experience what this life has to offer. Sarva Anandamayi means always in a state of bliss and capable of creating the supreme bliss. The 16 petals have been handcrafted with love and respect representing the Sarva Asha Puraka Chakra which in turn gets connects to the 1000 petal lotus in the Sahasrara Chakra the seat of supreme knowledge and self realization. Just look at how light is being reflected from each angle that has been masterfully faceted. Even though this Gem might have been viewed by countless individuals since May 2011, it has been shipped out in November 2012. With the fine golden butter yellow color that is uniform across the gem and great clarity, the gem is nothing short of sheer delight from the get go.
However, there is also an increasing draw for they resemble the extremely expensive fancy yellow diamonds, not just in looks! Also, a natural untreated, unenhanced genuine Burmese ruby no matter how small will not retail less than USD 6000 – 7000 per carat. What follows is a portion of the mail trail exchanged with the individual in question reporting things. There is a world of difference between the two and the jyotish quality gem easily outclasses the other gems. Only a handful (approximately 2 per cent ) of gems will be able to meet all the criteria to be a jyotish quality gem. Identifying a Jyotish Gem is not an easy task and we go extra lengths to ensure Jyotish Quality. Just have a look and at the video and see how pleasing color and a good cut sets this Ruby miles apart from the rest.
The price only increases phenomenally as the gem’s assessment on the 4 Cs scores better and better. What was finally selected in terms of jyotish gems out of this lot stands before you as the new lot Sripal 2012 that Gemstoneuniverse finally decided upon and is now on offer. It is not just a few good words bunched together when they say that a picture speaks a thousand words! The proportions are pointers enough to how high the rate of rejection is even from the premium quality goods!

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