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Genuine Number License Plate Light for 2.0 dCi 148bhp DIESEL Nissan Qashqai models - 2006-2011. Nissan Qashqai part images may vary from the actual product and are shown for illustration purposes only.* All prices shown exclude fitting, VAT and shipping costs unless otherwise stated. Registered Office: McMullen Road, Darlington County Durham, North East England DL1 1XZ United Kingdom. CPCTA999 GIANT SPONGE ** BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ** Multi-function sponge ideal for cleaning cars bikes caravans boats etc. In order to be able to post messages on the Nissan Forums : Nissan Forum forums, you must first register.
Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. The web's largest and most active community resource for Nissan and Infiniti owners and enthusiasts. The thermometer has nothing to do with any operation of the vehicle, it just warns the driver that the road may be icy.I don't know otherwise, I don't have any first-hand experience with 4WD vehicles.
I suppose I wasn't clearSince our 4WD system uses the abs senors to detect slip, to then provide torque to the front wheels, that Abs sensor, when detecting slip, would both light up the ice light and provide more torque to the front wheels, engaged 4wd.
My gut feeling is that the ICE light on the overhead console has nothing to do with the ABS system or AWD system.
All technichal discussion aside, my problem is that in my AUTO mode, it is always in 4wd, and how do i know that? It does sound like you have a problem with the auto mode -- are you getting any blinking lights. Dries IgnitionS Displaces Water Lubricates Parts Starts Wet Motors AKWD40 ‘AUTO KING’ W.D.

It only warns the driver, it doesn't keep the vehicle in 4WD as the OP's mechanic suggested. The sensor would trigger both things to happen.Another thing I was trying to say was that the 4wd system refreshes 10 times a second (from what I've heard) whereas I'm pretty sure the light doesn't or it would be sparatically flashing, so the light may have a refresh rate of every min or something.
Even though my car has tons of millage & is almost 13 years old, I cannot feel the system engaging, and it works exactly as it's supposed to. I'm not trying to attack your credibility, but when I research the system, I am either seeing that the torque is infinitly variable to the front wheels up to 50:50 and based on the attesa ets system or ambiguously that torque can be varied to the front wheels from 0-50%. I have had the transfer case replaced last year(scrap yard) New Front axles front drive shaft ballanced rear drive shaft for a different reason and it was the same feeling before and after exchanging it. I didn't realize that all of these things were actually a part of the housing and not changeable. If it detects slip, it adjusts torque betwee the front and back axels to try and stabalize the vehicle (Thats the difference between Attesa ETS and Attesa ETS pro that the skyline had - pro could do side to side aswell. This means that the action of the light being on would not be an indication of slippage at the instant in time, but over some period, maybe a minite. We had ~10-15cm of snow here a month or so ago when I still had my worn out summer tires on, and I drove through it without any problem at all.
The front differential is not LS -- put your truck in 4w high and place the truck into a sharp turn in a parking lot -- you will see what I am speaking of - The front wheels lock as the power is delivered.
You can see the power pathways and the clutch pack - so slipping is less then 50% and the locked is 50%.
If this is not normal I also would like to know how or what is required to have this fixed. We are only front and back)Anyway, apparently we also have a G-force sensor (I think its mounted under the center console) The Attesa ets system uses this to prevent under-steer and over-steer by varying the torque to the axels around corners. It says ICY when the outside temp gets below about 3C, and stays on until it warms up again (outside).

I only had trouble braking, as ABS would kick in almost instantly, but that has nothing to do with the 4WD system.
The amount of torque apportioned to the front wheels depends on two factors.First is the amount of wheel slippage detected by the control unit, such as may occur when the vehicle is traveling on a dirt or icy road (wheel slippage is determined as the difference in speed between the front and rear driveshafts).
My car has been stranded at a shady tire shop since last night and I'm really trying to get this taken care of today if at all possible. Sure the new 4wd systems can send power to individual wheels, and split torque every-which way; but considering the age & millage on most of our cars, I think they're fantastic! So in that way if the ice light was on, there may have been slip at some point, although I think the Attesa ETS system rechecked for slip 10 times a second - so the light wouldn't be exactley indicative of slippage at a specific point in time.That is my collective knowlegde of the system that has been compiled from many different sources, some of which could be wrong - so feel free, anyone, to correct me.
All-Mode 4WD (when in the AUTO setting) also transfers torque to the front wheels during initial acceleration (more throttle opening means more torque is distributed to the front wheels).For rigorous off-road conditions, an optional limited-slip rear differential (LSD) further enhances traction.
This unit gathers information from front and rear driveshaft sensors (to determine wheel slippage), a throttle position sensor, an engine rpm sensor, a transfer unit lever selector, and the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) control unit.The control unit continually compares the data and automatically selects the right amount of power to be transferred to the front and rear axles to achieve maximum traction.
I also did not like the drum brakes (still don't)The Pathfinder ended up being a great vehicle - I bought a second one.
While I still wish it had AWD (especially in freezing rain) it has proven to be very reliable. I wish someone made another vehicle like it today - everything else is too big or based on a car. Plus the added a servo to control the 4wd low shift.I am in no way attacking the 4wd system in the Pathfinder -- it is a proven system that works great.
What I am trying to explain is that the system is not capable of any real power control like an AWD system and it does not have an open clutch front differential that allows 4wd on dry pavement.

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