Nomad 18v portable power washer

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MBUK brings you all the latest news, coolest kit, plus exclusive info on the newest and best bikes that you can buy. Skip to view deals for 18 Volt cordless pressure washer (11)The biggest and most expensive unit we've used recently justifies itself with dual-power user friendliness and really well designed functionality. Guy started filling his brain with cycle stats and steaming up bike shop windows back in 1980. Current Bikes: An ever changing herd of test machines from Tri bikes to fat bikes and everything in between. Sportsman's Guide Has Your Portable 12v Pressure Washer, By Nomad Available At A Great Price In Our Yard & Garden Tools Collection. The Sportsman's Guide Video Gallery is your resource for exclusive videos on Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Gear. He worked the other side of those windows from '89 while getting a degree in “describing broken things covered in mud" (archaeology). Dug historical holes in the ground through the early '90s, then became a pro bike tester in '97. The Neoprene side pouch comes off and the car power cable can be bundled into the battery compartment for safe storage.

Guy has ridden thousands of bikes and even more components the world over since then and can remember them all in vivid, haunting detail.
The battery itself is a standard L-shaped 18V power tool cell, which can be removed and stuck into a desktop charger while your dirty washer stays outside. Soft grip sections and a firm clip action from the sturdy, cleanly moulded plastic clasps give a real quality feel to the whole unit. The hose can be plugged into itself to stop drips and the electrics are kept a long way from the wet bits. Bayonet attachments and a swivelling joint at the tank end reduce the chance of accidental damage and kinking too.

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