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The perfect supplement to introductory psychology texts, The Norton Psychology Reader includes the best contemporary writing on the study of human behavior.Editor Gary Marcus has carefully selected brief readings, mostly from popular trade books, that are both relevant and interesting to the introductory student.
First published in 1965, it is still the best-selling thematic reader-and the only thematic reader that also supports a genre-based approach. She co-directed the Bass Writing Program at Yale for twenty-five years and served as president of the Council of Writing Program Administrators.

The Thirteenth Edition introduces a new generation of editors, almost 50 new essays, and a unique new website that allows readers to sort and search for readings by theme, genre, mode, keyword, and more. He previously taught and directed writing programs at Yale University and Columbia University in the City of New York. His scholarly interests include nineteenth-century literature, especially nonfiction prose, and writing studies, especially genre, style, and argumentation.

Her books include Books That Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal (New York University Press, 2014), The Norton Pocketbook of Writing by Students (2010), Surveying the Literary Landscapes of Terry Tempest Williams (University of Utah Press, 2003), and The St.

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