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The latest addition to the myPlates range of personalised plates is a trailer design specifically for Marine Rescue NSW.A Funds from the new plate will be directed to Marine Rescue NSW, the volunteer emergency service dedicated to saving lives on the water. Incorporating the MRNSW logo, colours and mission statement, the new plate is a great way for boat owners to show their support for the servicea€™s valuable work to assist and protect the NSW community.
MRNSW has more than 3,000 professionally trained and equipped volunteer members based in 45 rescue units along the NSW coastline and inland on the Alpine Lakes in the Snowy Mountains and the Murray River at Moama.
MRNSW Commissioner Stacey Tannos thanked NSW Roads and Maritime Services and myPlates for developing the new trailer plates and directing the proceeds to support the volunteersa€™ lifesaving work.A a€?Wea€™re sure boat owners will be keen to take this opportunity to stamp their personality on their trailers as well as their vehicles, knowing theya€™re supporting a worthwhile cause at the same time,a€? he said.
To choose your own specific letter and number combinations, additional annual fees start at $102.
Australian Sailing magazine covers the whole spectrum of sailing from dinghies to maxi yachts, for competitive racing or pleasure, with coverage of every major Australian yachting event plus overseas races.
Cruising Helmsman is Australia’s top-selling and circulating audited sailing magazine. Not lime green, but some douche down the road has a commodore ute with the number plate 4LYSIKM8. The IFAP one comes up all the time but its actually the name of a company which conducts OHS courses.

Was it Vance Packard or J k Galbraith who coined the phrase "conspicuous consumption"?
Anyone else old enough to remember the front plate that many motor bikes carried on the front guard in the days when they didn't have to display a front plate, "0410E"? I think any personalised license plate that is not attached to a special interest or collectable vehicle is wanky. The frame can be made to fit the smaller plates used in other states but they have to be glued or taped on the bottom behind the plate to hold the bottom of the frame to the plate. We understand that purchasing online can be a worry at times, especially when it involves customised items.
However it was an ordinary plate, but the owner must have been a bit adroit to get it, or just lucky.
Nobody takes you seriously when you have something like HOT-1 or 2-LEGIT attached to your 17 year old Hyundai Excel or Nissan Pulsar. This can promote your product or business; add text to a personalised slimline plate or put a fun message for other drivers to see. Tapers Candles can be purchased as a compliment or can be purchased as sets of their own.They are personalised with the name, occasion and date of your occasion.

Or will they take the opportunity to elect a guy whose experience is about CREATING WEALTH? QTY 1 = 1 candleUpon purchase you will be emailed an information request form along with the fonts available.
For the partner who just had a baby (Sexy momma) or just a liking for UFC (Sexy Mixed Martial Arts. QLD - Australia - "APEX 000" Manufactured by Altona Industries in WA in 1998 as a sample prototype plate for the WA Motor Registration office. I was lucky as easy fix but beware!Personalised plates can go with vehicle it has a spre and jack.

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