Number 14 symbolism 14 meaning and numerology

The Fourteen Stations of the Cross are stations for meditation used by many Catholics in the Roman Catholic Church. The Fourteen Holy Helpers is a group of Catholic saints invoked during the Black Plague in Europe. I believe that the letters used to write six hundred and sixty six would be the letter Tav because it equals 400, the letter Resh because it equals 200 and these two added together would equal six hundred.
666 is real in that the number of the Anti-Christ will be a multiplication of the Hebrew letters of the name of the Anti-Christ. I wonder about the Greek, because in the begging of Revelation Christ said, I am Alpha and Omega. The number 666 was the number of silver talons that Solomon taxed his people after he turned from God.
This represented a huge burden on the people of Israel, and this level of taxation practically made them slaves. So 666 means using in this context the Antichrist will raise taxes to unbearable levels and enslave his people. Since numbers were invented by humans, how can they be spiritual in any way, shape or form? John was Jewish, but Greek was the lingua franca back then and the common language of Judaea at the time was Aramaic.

Lest anyone say that there is aught special about the Hebrew language, also note that it was God that created all the diverse languages at the Tower of Babel as noted in Genesis 11:7-9.
I think that the generally accepted interpretation of theologians today is that 666 is indeed a reference to Nero, based on the fact that letters were used to denote numbers in Greek, thus providing an automatic kind of cipher system. For all its wonderful castles and museums, restaurants, shops and night life, no trip to Stockholm is complete without at least a To assist us we have some of the Stockholm Archipelago's top photographers, who together with our rangers provide an enjoyable guided tour of the areas. The letter Samech would be used to represent 60, the letter Vav would be used to represent the number 6. And since Nero tried to suppress Christianity, and both Peter and Paul were killed at that time, the Nero connection makes sense to me. This is the entire hand, or closed hand [in contrast with the letter kaf, which comes from the pictograph of the palm of the hand]. Take note of where the apostles went when they left Judaea; their commission was to bring the gospel to the known world and to the lost tribes of Israel. So, John would have used the letters Tav, Resh, Samech, and Vav (Vav can be written vav or waw depending on some people translate Hebrew) to represent six hundred and sixty six. It is the evil or human-evil reflection of the trinity: Satan, Anti-Christ and false prophet.
People try to plug in names or use 666 from other Biblical languages to find out who this person is supposed to be.

It is a eternal named pronounced with one breath, because He breathed life into everything. People argue incessently over whether biblical language should be taken literally or symbolically.
But, my question is, if this study of Biblical numerology had some profound merit, would you truly want to find out more? In this case, even if the text is literally pointing to Nero as the antichrist and Rome as the beast, symbolically it is also describing any tyrant, or any oppressive political system.
I find the meaning of this is to be "in the end times, a head will emerge, Satan (snake), and will hook people into sin(disbelief in my book). In any case, you can find through these letters and symbols how John would have used Tav, Resh, Samech, and Vav to represent Satan and his prophetic future.

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