Number 21 in numerology

These numbers are excellent for Preschoolers for use in various Kids activities, use these numbers as flashcards and more. I’ve heard stories about how some species of sharks also used to gnaw on copper cabling at the bottom of the ocean.
I also got to see the Porthcurno telegraph museum when I was in England 5 years ago.  Amazing how 150 years ago they laid all that cable, and the manpower it took to do it. I’m constantly amazed by the infrastructure that was rolled out during the Industrial Revolution. I have a question: apart from the cables you laid, did you lay any underground equipment like DWDM or repeaters? Fiber optic cables are actually about 1″ diameter, slightly smaller than the copper cables which carried signals across the Atlantic from 1858 until 1988.

Terra firma links between cities and cables that run alongside roads and into houses and officers are certainly impressive — and without them we wouldn’t have an internet!
While satellite data links can be in the gigabit range, the high latency of bouncing a signal through a point that is rather far away (35,000 km, 22,000 miles) makes them unsuitable for many consumer internet services. I had the priviledge to work on two of the world’s largest undersea cable, COMPAC and ANZCAN.
I was part of the ANZCAN team in the South Pacific for a landing site and maintained the last years of COMPAC.
To get from London to Tokyo, your packets can traverse Europe, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean, and finally the South China Sea — or they can hop across the Atlantic, the entirety of continental North America, and then long haul over the Pacific.
The technology is so amazingand when you tell newbies how sea-water is used for telecommunications, they get stunned.

It comprises of 72 fibre pairs – the whole of wikipedia can be sent through one fibre pair of the cable in one second! Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC.

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