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This site is my way to share my views and general business and IT information with you about Microsoft, IT solutions for ISVs, technologists and businesses, large and small. Insert the CD with Office on it and it should automatically start with a dialog box askign you if you want to run setup. Step 5b - update the product using Microsoft Update (eg go to the start menu and type Updates and select Windows Update from the menu).
You are very geneous to lend us your knowledge, I was at my wits inn, until I discover your example.
I seriously considered just deleting you comment, but decided to say that I don't find either comment here (that includes yours) offensive enough to remove and people's view as to what is fine in the language is different everywhere. Please could you advise if you expect this fix to be pushed out via windows update at some point in the future? I will ask, but bearing in mind this was also a problem on Windows XP sometimes, I doubt it. All i did was go into the office directory , picked winword.exe, and run it as administrator, and accept the EULA - and it did not come up anymore, anyone else tried this? While this can solve some problems, when you stop running as a local admin then your ability to save settings and update anything that is stored here will stop. I followed all the directions and when I check to see if my version number was higher, it wasn't. DJWORX is the longest running, highest quality and most respected DJ technology focussed website around. The big players might hog the headlines these days, but we need to remember that there are other alternatives out there that offer some advantages. Do you think smaller companies like Mixvibes have an opportunity now that the industry has had a shake-up? We decided to find out a little more about what it takes to run a radio show podcast by talking to Paul Dakeyene, the guy behind the 80s ElectroPop Radio Show, a retrospective look at some of the best music you’ve never heard of that defined a decade. As with most things in life (a purchase, investment, software partner), I just did some web research and found them to be reasonable cost, reliable service and customer support seemed a priority for them.
In a nutshell, just put together a format that YOU LOVE and if you’re really lucky, no-one else is doing (at least, doing it well) and you will find a global listener base.
Using Technics’ ill-fated SL-DZ1200 CD deck as a base, DJ J-TEK decided that the only thing to do was to add a tonearm. I saw that Biz Markie brought out the 7inch Technics (sl-700) I wanted to recreate my own version. Since I made it strictly an Analog (turntable) there was no need for the display,which is needed if you using it as a CD player. This first conversion is my very own personal project, Once I figure out how much the cost for the conversion is needed plus the time (labor) involved, I will have somewhat of an idea of what a pair of custom Technics JT-10 Mk1 will go for.
Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone has issues keeping itself a secret, evident from the number of leaks that Samsung keeps letting slip through the cracks.

While earlier leaks have suggested that the Galaxy S7 is going to be very similar to the Galaxy S6, as shown in the image above, certain components such as the sensors and the camera have have been reassigned to a different position on the right side of the display, in addition to the home button appearing to be slightly longer.
Expect a number of these details to change in the coming weeks, although what we know for the time being serves as a great indicator as to what we should expect from the Samsung Galaxy S7. A follow up to our post on how the freaky number that keeps appearing in movies – look for the pizza planet truck that appears in most (if not all) Pixar movies. In A Bug’s Life, the truck appears in the scene where one insect warns another not to touch the motor home’s bug zapper. When the redneck mother is beating Randall with a shovel, the truck is on the far left side of the screen.
While Gill is explaining his plan to escape from the dentist office, a yellow Pizza Planet truck drives by. In this movie the Pizza Planet truck has eyes and a mouth (to stay matched with the other cars in the film). EVE scans the engine of a Pizza Planet truck for plant life shortly after her arrival on Earth, and shuts the hood afterwards.
The Pizza Planet truck is seen on the street as Carl’s house floats by, although the truck has more of a delivery van appearance than the actual truck in other films. The Pizza Planet truck is the truck that Lots-o-Huggin Bear, Big Baby, and Chuckles ride on to find Sunnyside Daycare, after finding that Lotso had been replaced by another Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear. Then below is the process of checking for updates, seeing that there are updates available, looking at the list of updates, hitting the install button, the updates being downloaded and installed and then finally, in this case, the computer requiring a reboot (you might not require a reboot. We do our best here at DJWORX to cover as much about the alternatives to Pioneer, Native Instruments, Atomix and Serato, even including the open source ones! This version brings Windows 10 support, a couple of new controllers to support and some other bits and bobs. I mentioned in the first paragraph that these smaller companies still offered some advantages.
All I can say this that your reasons (excuses will not be tolerated) for not coming had better be good, nay bullet proof. There’s plenty of resource out there for DJs to get their first residency, or create a mixtape. I run the microphone (an SE Electronics SE-X1) into a sub mixer however (an old trusty Tapco 6306) so I can make two separate feeds into Logic X on the Mac.
They still appear in timelines, and the original story is still a source of steady traffic for DJWORX. Where I wanted to add the tone arm, when I gutted the unit and removed that pcb board it made the platter spin backwards. And sure enough, there is yet another leak, and this time around, we are given the best look yet at the smartphone’s display.
Hardware-wise, we are looking at the S7 will featuring a 5.2-inch Quad HD display, and will be powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor paired to 4GB of RAM.

I can't help it, I lose all  patience when I see someone slaughtering a common phrase or cliche.
Mixvibes has also developed Pioneer’s rekordboxTM, the worldwide club standard music management software. The biggest and most obvious is bang for your buck: for less than the major players, you can get full DVS on the audio interface of your choosing. Because not coming to see one of the key people that shaped the ENTIRE dance music scene is a crime against DJing. We at DJWORX offer the best resource for keeping up to date with the hottest DJ gear, of course.
I fear however that we’re not likely to ever see those appear in any commercial form.
For example, powder coating the units, any logos for the DJ’s and color choices for LED lights on this modification.
And now the guys behind the Scratch Science series also have their own 10″ turntable for their most excellent vinyl. And please visit DJ J-Tek’s online store to see the rest of his excellent modding work.
Where in every corner their where junkies or a hoodlum ready to mug you, although my childhood favorite memories was watching the DJ’s from my 3rd floor window plug in their DJ equipment.
I’m a electrician by trade so I got my multi-meter and did some soldering and tinkering with the board. I took apart a Technics DZ1200 and chopped it to a point in which I had to weld much more then expected. I didn’t need the board any more and made the platter move in the right direction, SUCCESS!! Serato, NI and (now) Pioneer are able to pick and choose their partners, leaving you out in the cold if your gear isn’t on the guest list. So I tossed the project to the side & a year later I was on DJWORX website and saw a conversion done by Stuart Littleford. So I decided to open another DZ1200 I had on hand and try to add the spindle like Stuart did and it worked!!!!
So the following day I kept looking at the DZ1200 and saw a Technics 1200 tone arm assembly I had on my work table and strapped it to the side of the unit and said to myself if the pitch works with the tone arm I would install it!!

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