Number 8 numerology house number

The 9 year is also geared towards service to the world : doing for others rather than for yourself and perhaps sharing some of the abundance and learning you may have accumulated during the past 8 years. Without a solid foundation, doing for others can become burdensome which can increase the low feelings of the nine. We can be so focused on this pragmatic world that we can neglect emotional connections and relationships and the risk is to become a workaholic.

It is a difficult house to create in as visualizations need to be manifested into something solid or tangible and often the drive is lacking.  However, it is a great place to hold those group meditation evenings! The time that highlights all personal relationships, whether this be with a spouse, partner, children, parents, extended family or friendships.
Harmony is the key of making the 6 a happy home : BUT it will also promote the feelings of needing to fix those conflicts that arise through personality clashes.

We are missing ourselves.  The 7 can see us feeling more tired than usual which is a prompt to take time out!

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