Number to call time

Suppose you're looking for the same book, Guts: Companies that Blow the Doors off Business as Usual in a library that uses the Dewey Decimal System.
It is as easy as turning on few things on your android phone forward all incoming calls to voice mail. If you enable call forwarding, You will see below icon on your notification bar at the top of the screen. In Dewey Decimal, the numbers in the numbers in the first line represent the subject of the book.

You may want to forward calls to voice mail automatically without getting them for whatever reason. You just need to find the voice mail phone number and enter it for forwarding phone number. On your android phone, Open Phone app > Menu > Call Settings > Tap on Voicemail (Settings for My Carrier) to see Voicemail Phone number. On your android phone, Open Phone app > Menu > Call Settings > Call Forwarding > Voicemail > Tap Always Forward > Enter above voice mail phone number > Tap Enable to enable call forwarding.

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