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People are making homemade fractal HD antennas using coat hangers as one instance of using a common material.
I think this feature; fractuals should be used in some builds to take advantage of a wideband of frequencies and resonance.
Meanwhile, the average land-worker with no property of his own, which in the coming Dark Ages would be known as a serf, but then called a coloni (or colonus), was a person without any rights, so much that if they even meditated on running away they could be shackled and tortured and made into slaves, and anyone who sheltered a fleeing coloni would lose all their possessions and be required to pay tribute to the true owner of the slave.
These four factors combined to create the ideal knight into the romantic knight, and each change brought on new perspectives and expectations, and chivalry was changed forever.

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The Middle Ages were a time when it was actually fashionable to seek to be, not merely the best that one can be, but the best of all things.
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These discrete components are arranged by tried and true rules to get the circuit to perform as needed. It was a period in history when people actually strove to elevate themselves, to become more than they were, even in the face of impossibility, and to never cease trying to discover that which is divine in ourselves through attempting to bring ourselves closer with the unattainable .

What we've done is ask: can a fractal pattern, with its self-capacitance and self-inductance, be used to eliminate components and still get the equivalent RLC circuit?
This basic energy, your accumulated luck, is the foundation of the wealth and power in your life.

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