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Another way to make free prank phone calls is to use Getmooh in which you have automated call back service whereas hoaxcalls has a collection of ready made scenario’s which can be used as prank calling clips.Note that the phone calls can be made only to USA,Canada or UK telephone numbers.To make fake conversation using hoaxcall a VoIP application and headphones will do the job!
Though the calls are anonymous but this free service is not intended to abuse any rules,for this reason you can make a prank call to a particular number only after 2 weeks as they store the phone number in there temporary database.For now Hoax Call is completely free and is not out for worldwide users except for US,UK and Canada. I have probably been looking around online for like the last 20 minutes for a site like yours.

Though I understand above website mentioned only sends prerecorded messages but when India is getting through a such a terror struck phase, don’t you think encouraging prank calls is not right. Salford City star Gareth Seddon thought his mates were pulling a prank when he received a phone call from Gary Neville last summer Seddon revealed the true extent of his shock when the withheld phone number rang him up on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
BTW Police in Delhi atleast has made Prank calling a proper offence for which you will be jailed now.

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