Numerological birth chart 800

The Birthchart is a numerological tool that can help you go even deeper into the analysis of your birth numbers.
Pythagoras created a system of directional arrows that, when applied to the results of an individual's birthchart, could reveal strengths and weaknesses of character, likelihood of success in particular types of endeavors, skills and abilities that would likely lead the person to certain achievements, etc. In addition to the system of arrows, Pythagoras also provided his students with an explanation of the individual numbers that appear in the birthchart. Let's consider our sample birth date (22 February 1942) as we explore how to make use of the Birthchart and the Arrows of Pythagoras to explore the deeper levels of our potential!
The presence of numbers (whether they recur more than once or not) as well as the lack of numbers in the birthchart also represents invaluable clues to the analysis of one's character and purpose. One X 1: People with only one 1 on their birthchart sometimes find it difficult to show their feelings and because of this inability are often thought of as cold and uncaring.
One X 4: People with one 4 on their birthchart are naturally clever with their hands and are at their happiest when making or doing rather than thinking or theorizing.
One X 9: People with one 9 on their birthchart must realize that life can never be 'perfect'. The Numerological life chart analysis is created by applying the principles of numerology by using only your name and birth date as the basic data.

This will effectively determine your major frequencies and also a numerological analysis of the same which will provide the requisite astrological information on your personality and character.
Sometimes it only takes one or two sessions to get motivated and clear about what you really want to do.
This method is attributed to Pythagoras who used directional arrows along with the analysis of numbers to interpret the charts. He believed that if a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line on the birthchart was filled in with numbers, this indicated strength in character. This was created by simply writing out the date in numeric form (22 2 1942) and then transposing each number into its corresponding cell within the chart. He explains that it could represent someone who demands proof before believing in something, someone who is suspicious of anything metaphysical and orthodox in his or her beliefs.
Therefore, in this birthchart, the second thing to note is that the number 2 appears four times.
Complete lines of numbers in a person's birthchart indicate strengths of character, whereas if there is a complete blank line, this points to lack of certain qualities in the character.
Conversely, if a line was completely void of numbers, this indicated a lack of certain characteristics or skill sets.

People with this line in their birthchart could also be prone to migraines and heightened nervousness.
A surface look at the birthchart will show that the top line of numbers (369) represents the mental body (the mind, awareness, imagination, thoughts, creative ideas), the middle line (258) associates with the emotional body (feelings, sentiments, etc.), and the bottom line (147) reflects the physical world (the act of 'doing', learning, constructing in the physical, organization and practical matters). Rather than taking these results as judgments, they were meant to be used to strengthen one's position in life through the attainment of a greater understanding of one's abilities - playing the best game with the cards you've been dealt, so to speak! They are also a challenge to live with because of their impatience, sarcasm and displays of bad temper. As you can see, there is no place for zeros in the birthchart, so if you have zeros appearing in your birth date, simply disregard them for the purpose of this calculation.

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