Combine in one man the strength of Hercules, the beauty of Apollo, the grace of Antinos, the wisdom of Athena, the intelligence of Hermes, and every other gift of every other god, unless the anatomist is careful to supply a spine to support the structure, you will have a mollusk and not a man. To my knowledge, other than Osho ashrams, no one has made this the primary focus of spiritual teaching for the masses. The biggest irony is that a natural human, one free of guilt, sexual repression, dulled intelligence and creativity, has no inclination to think about god or spirituality.
True spiritual pursuit only arises when a natural human no longer has any desire to do human things and have human experiences by way of being fully satiated with this realm. Add to our paradox, it is neither possible to be a natural human nor a true spiritual disciple. Given a level of attainment and progress (as hard as it is to come by), we have to undo it. Given this nasty paradox, teachers like Osho, Gurdjieff, and Crowley choose to live and teach the Left Handed Path, Tantra.
The path of Tantra has to do with embracing reality, the body, desires, and tendencies with a level of discipline that takes the practitioner into and through experiences to a level of transcendence. Just when I feel like I know something about the human body, I'm shown a new way to relate to it. Since I have a good understand of anatomy and physiology and have an analytical mind with respect to problem solving, as a massage therapist, I can help you with injuries, physical pain, and the physiological problems that arise due to structural imbalance. As a yogi and a massage therapist going through my own therapeutic process, my approach to massage and bodywork is always finding new territory. While I appreciate many forms of yoga and meditation, it is Kundalini Yoga that I find myself doing the most. I'd like especially those Internet oriented clients to know that I am a Florida state licensed massage therapist. The best way to contact me about making an appointment or to ask about anything related to this site is by phone.
Today, we will take a look at the most controversial figure in all of the Battat line: the Stegosaurus.
Perhaps having something to do with the unique decision the sculptors of this Stegosaurus made about the figure’s tail, the Battat Stegosaurus is the most common of the Battat dinosaurs. When the original sculpt was done in 1993, I was using pics I had taken at the Yale Museum of their Stego mount which at the time it had 8 spikes.
Like so many others, I too have been mystified by the spikes, particularly, as you say, in view of its being a Battat, who were so noted for accuracy. Welcome to The Dinosaur Toy Blog!Regular reviews of prehistoric animal toys, figures, and museum quality replicas. The active dinosaur collector site – very informative and well worth visiting again and again.
Sep 18, 2013 – Yantra magic squares are magic squares built utilizing your date of beginning, and your Lifestyle Route variety as the prime row of the square. Feb 8, 2015 – A Magic Square consists of a series of numbers arranged so that all of the rows columns and diagonals add to the same number. Numerological yantras can be used not only for divination but also worn as a … From their study came the I Ching, feng shui, chinese astrology, and chinese numerology.
Sep 27, 2013 – Yantra magic squares are magic squares developed using your date of delivery, and your Existence Path quantity as the top row of the square. Magical Books, Kits, Tarot, DVD and Video List from The Realm of White Magic – order online!
With the level of interconnectivity and information exchange these days, almost any spiritual practice sought after can be found.
No matter how much practice people do, other than the initial changes that hook them, very little happens thereafter. If teachers did focus on this central point, they would draw a different student demographic, one of hippies and drop-outs rather than committed spiritual students.
It is more like having a curiosity about death and parts of reality outside of normal human parameters. With real insight into reality, we are deeply tainted and influenced by knowledge that inhibits natural behavior.
For if our minds are allowed to have free reign, they become like spoiled children or in the worst cases demons.

My work involves extensively charting the body's alignment, determining whether structural imbalances need to be addressed outside of bodywork, and then taking care of the problems that have been facilitated due to longer-term imbalance.
I'm trained as a teacher, teaching periodically, and it is a good part of the yoga I do everyday. One of the things that the Battat line is renowned for is its great accuracy, but the makers of this Stegosaurus seem to have thrown caution to the wind.
It’s simple yet natural, with the top of the body a dark sepia brown, which blends into earth yellow for the lower part of the body.
It’s sometimes available on eBay for around $15, which is only a bit more than the retail price it had back in the 90’s. I was also in correspondence with Ken Carpenter and the Dinosaur National Monument about a newly discovered Stegosaurus ( which also appeared to have 8 spikes ) as well as The Origin and Evolution of the Stegosaurs 1993 paper by George Olshevsky. It makes it unique among Stego reconstructions and was what drew me to it in the first place.
When you decide to go for a numerology free reading, you might be … to an individual by using the numbers of their date of birth to construct the square. Ten, of course, but there are some very keen insights here about the Spiritual meaning of number Eleven. Many teachers like Adyashanti just seem to resolve themselves to the idea that most students have no hope of making progress and that they should learn to accept that reality. He rather used the word to point toward deep and natural acceptance of self, beginning with one’s body.
Since form affects function and vice versa, how we use it and relate to it determines how it will orient and organize itself, which affects our glands, organs, moods, and energy levels. With this approach, I'm looking to figure out why you have chronic problems and to address them with permanent solutions. I have a daily practice of yoga, self-massage, strength work, therapeutic stretching, and meditation. Since I do quite a bit of yoga and meditation and have a healthy lifestyle including eating well, my vibrational frequency is high. I integrate the following modalities - Posturology, Therapeutic Stretching, Fundamental Integration, CranioSacral Therapy, Positional Release, Neuromuscular, Thai, Body Tuning, and Sat Nam Rasayan. I am a member of the FSMTA and that all work I do is within the legal and ethical boundaries of these organizations. Before we get started, I must make it clear that the “sandy” look and weird color spots are not part of the actual figure itself. In addition, Dan Lorusso’s site says that the Stegosaurus is still available, but it would probably be best to email him about it first.
Even though a select few, well known teachers like Osho understood the crux of this issue, there is very little awareness or discussion of the primary problem.
Hippies and drop-outs once given a safe environment to be themselves want nothing for anything else. It can be made into a vehicle for experiencing the most exquisite pleasures or into a torture chamber of unrelenting pain and agony.
Over time, the body's shape will literally match up with the psychological and emotional make-up of a person. As my daily practice refines itself, my approach to bodywork gets smarter, more efficient, and more elegant. Instead, they are the battle-scars of an individual figure that probably had to put up with some kid roughly playing with it in a sand box, and then promptly going to town with a crayon. Wrinkles and musculature on this figure are very well done, giving it an extra lifelike look. The eyes are yellow, but don’t have much life in them and seem to be staring out into space. Lorusso was one of the paleoartists who helped sculpt the Battat figures, and the Stegosaurus is the last Battat that the site has.
If I really push it, I find that in each case people want to live a happier more fulfilling life; they want to be a natural human. We must come into this world with the inherent ability to overcome normal reality by way of spiritual discipline to arrive at the decision to continue spirituality to its real conclusion or to attempt to create an environment that is natural. On the other hand, without being free of guilt and societal programming, no real progress will be made past a certain point.

Some of the traditions of Tantra have as part of their repertoire some advanced practices that include sex. The naturally inclined natural human will look for natural environments and not be confused about it being something spiritual. I believe that there are ways to do the deepest work without going through a lot of pain and I endeavor keep in mind that the body is an intelligent system and that everything is the way it is for a good reason. This will help you with your outlook on life, your mood, and patterned reoccurring thoughts. When I went through teacher training for yoga, I felt that the training was substantially insufficient in training teachers to know and understand anatomy and physiology. How could the Battat line, one of the most accurate dinosaur lines ever despite being almost two decades old, commit this absurd travesty? The claws are individually painted, which is a nice touch that even some figures today don’t have. If progress is pursued in violation of this basic truism, any unresolved tendency will be eventually be weaponized to monstrous proportions guaranteeing a grand descent. It is like saying that eating a bread wafer representing the body of Christ is the whole and some of Christianity.
If you cannot muster the mojo for either approach, then you should get on with being okay with being an unnatural human and at least be clear about it.
This begs the question do we try to change our bodies or our thoughts and emotions or both at the same time? You want to work with a therapist that is healthier and happier than you are and knows that being a therapist involves a daily practice that helps resolve not only their own garbage but also their clients' garbage. Being made in the 90’s, the paint application isn’t exactly the most precise, and this is especially evident with the head. The plastic the plates are made of is rather flexible; so many used figures will have bent plates. I didn’t want to sculpt the stenops like every other toy company had out at the time.
You have your intuition in each moment to decide on any action, where fear is your guide forward and toward experiences.
White Tantric Yoga, which is closely related to Kundalini Yoga in the West, is what definitively led me to study massage. The insides of the mouth are painted a soft pink, but some of it shows up on areas of the head where it shouldn’t be.
I hope this answers some of the questions about my version of this particular species of Stegosaurus. This is marrying chaos because once on this path there is no support structure to lean on and the endgame is only success and bitter failure and no way out or in between. Doing White Tantric, I realized that many of the practitioners are also yoga teachers and bodyworkers. If you don’t like the extra spikes, you can just chop them off with a knife and paint the holes, but some consider acts of customization sacrilegious if performed on a Battat. If we weren't so stuck in our point of view of self, we might find the process utterly fascinating and want to be in it and experience the process with appalling attraction. To really understand what was going on and get the most out of it, I felt that I needed to get into some kind of healing modality.
All in all, it’s a great figure for dinosaur lovers, especially Stegosaurus fans, but isn’t the best the Battat line has to offer. Like all Battat figures, the paint on the Stegosaurus is prone to smudging, so treat this figure carefully. There is one more inaccuracy of this figure, which makes this Stegosaurus quite controversial.

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