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By birth number 3 born people are humble, simple, and obedient to elders and their higher officials. As a person of self-integrity they never go and ask help for anyone, hence they themselves take all burden in doing a work. Whatever post they hold, they never envy of their higher officials or desire to get promoted. Hariprasad B comes 30, which is a good number, it will make you a very good person, but it is of no use in terms of making money or becoming famous.
I heard that having name number in 3 (like 3,12,21,30,…etc) is not at all good to everyone. The calling name is also important, as it affects every day activities, in your casem its 12.
I would be very glad if you suggest the name number for the people who were born on 12th with life path number as 31=4. Hello My numbers are 5 and the total is 3 that is 30 according to my dob it is 6 and 4 that is 31, after reading no.
What are the names to be used by me for official purposes(fullname), signature and calling? Numerology has become new learning expedition for myself as I recently received a mini-numerology report that I found quite intriguing. I am currently still sorting through all of the information I have come upon and utilizing it to determine more and further expand what I have already discovered & learned in this process. My daughter’s DOB 21-4-2007, lifepath 7, her numerical name number total 33, should I change it to 21?
I want to change my name as **N.rrishi varma** Please suggest me whether it is correct name or I need change? Dear Sir, My name is Mayappa Sangannawar Date of birth is 30-09-1977 Please tell me how should my name be.
The Advanced Version II of NewAge Kabbalah Numerology is extremely powerful and is a fullfledged Personal Energy Correction, on it's own right.

In the Basic Version of NewAge Kabbalah Numerology, we use a Crystal Laser Wand or a Crystal Cluster (depending upon the case) for programming and transmitting the kabbalarean numeric vibrations. However the Advanced Version II of the NewAge Kabbalah Numerology is not only much more intricate but also sophisticated.
This is possible because the lifeline of the Advanced Version II of the NewAge Kabbalah Numerology is a fullfledged Crystal Energy Field (CEF) comprising of a Crystal Maha Meru or Crystal Meru Chakra (the three dimensional form of the Sacred Geometry called Shri Yantra), 8 Crystal Cabochons for receiving from and broadcasting to the 8 Directions, a gold plated copper Sacred Geometry Shri Yantra and a flat Crystal Plate at the bottom. Another advantage of the Advanced Version II of the NewAge Kabbalah Numerology (NAKN) is that NAKN can be performed for a maximum of 8 members of the same family using the same CEF, thereby saving money.
Like Advanced Version-II, the new Advanced Version-III also is based on a Crystal Energy Field, but of much larger proportions. Though number 3 born people may look strict and tough while giving orders to their subordinates they are in fact a baby with a golden heart, which has abundant love for humanity. Now you have a choice, either to be a beautiful soul in the midst of chaotic society or to join them in pursuing fame n wealth.
But i wanted to know, mentioning my name as Sumesh Madhusoodhanan (84=12=3) is better or mentioning it as Sumesh M (30 =3) is more better? This is enough for the Primary Objective to be defined and the Secondary Objectives to be outlined. Because it directly acts on the 7 Chakras (the Vital Life Force Centers or Energy Wheels), it is able to give the guidance and strength needed to change the pace, direction and energy required to achieve life's ambitions. This CEF will be programmed and energised to permanently cleanse, energise and auto-tune all the 7 chakras of the individual involved, each and every second.
Before going to analyze the characteristics of number 3 people, let us get to know the roots of number 3. They firmly believe that honesty is the best policy, they value dignity and integrity more than their life, if there is any incident occurs questioning their integrity and attitude then they can even go to the extent of losing their life and prove to this world that they are clean. Traditions and number 3 goes hand to hand, 3 born people are people of traditions and religious, they never give up their family traditions easily and can never accept any new trend in culture or tradition.
Number 3 people possess keen intellect and wisdom, they are heart ruled people who trust their heart and not their head !

One of the common problems of number 3 in name is that they help everyone and others get benefited from them, but they will not attain the same feat which they made others to achieve. My name total is 42 with initial 45 but the people call me as above and that is 7 I have another nam that is 24 only used by family members. When the chakras are synchronised and act in unison, you get to know what you really need, how to get these needs and also get those needs.
This world is made up of energy components, the yin and yang energy or the male and female energy or call it as shiva and shakti, the universe if made of energy and its energy fields which rule this earth and us.
If anybody asks me the best number in numerology or the best dates to born, then without doubt the number which comes to my mind is number 3.
More than their personal work, they are motivated in doing service oriented works and anything which benefits public.
They say that a 3 born person should never have their name in 51, I beg to differ in the case of lifepath 6 persons… what is your opinion. If Jupiter is strong in a person’s chart then that person will acquire enormous knowledge and wisdom, 3 is also responsible for progeny. As you can see, this advanced version really goes beyond the numbers - it is Personal Karma Energy Correction itself ! Number 3 is synonymous with motivation and tireless hard work and has produced finest leaders to this world. Number 3 people can be seen as greatest leaders, patriots, Marine commandos, defense officers,socialists and finest personalities.

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