Numerology 9 and 4 compatibility

How to calculate your birth number : If you are born on dates 4,13,22,31 of any months, then your birth number is 4. In this manner, they are clever at employing both the stick and the carrot to get their needs fulfilled. If they have suitable names from the beginning, they will enjoy all kinds of wealth during their youth itself. Among the subjects of the number four category, they are the rudest people If they amend their names suitably, they will improve a bit and learn to adjust themselves with others.

They maintain the view that anything can be achieved through intuitive knowledge rather than through mere bookish knowledge. They will earn money through commission work, contracts, transport business, lands, steel business and also charging people for getting their works done (i.e. They may suffer from nervous trouble, disease due to excess of heat, blood pressure, diabetes, backache and pain in the joints.
If they possess suitable names, they will lead a brilliant life with all favorable factors like a devoted life partner, ideal children, plenty of money, healthy habits, good principles, top-class jobs, conveyance factory, bungalow and what not.

Or atleast they will be the right hand men of politicians or executive, At times they may even command their masters.

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