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In the history of numerology, numerological divination has been popular among early mathematicians (such as Pythagoras). This is similar to the historical developments in other modern sciences: the astrology is no longer considered as a part of modern astronomy, and alchemy is no longer considered as a part of modern chemistry. Modern systems of numerology contain aspects which can be related to a variety of ancient cultures and writings, such as: the Babylonians, the Pythagorians, Christian mysticism, the early Gnostics, the Hebrew system of the Kabbalah, the Indian Vedas, the old Chinese traditions, and the Egyptians. At present there are many different systems of Numerology in the world, including: an African, Arabic, and a Hebrew system of numbers. Name numerology calculators & -compatibility calculators have become popular, just like the numerology compatibility calculator. But nowadays there are only two widely used numerology calculation systems: the Chaldean Numerology system and the Pythagorean Numerology system. Both the Pythagorean- and Chaldean Numerology systems are similar in some respects: both systems take your name and month, day, and year in which you were born into consideration. Both systems agree that people's names affect their character, and the birth date affects their destiny. And the numbers in both systems carry fairly the same meaning, quality, character, and nature.
The basics of the Pythagorean- & Chaldean calculation systems for numbers are described below. The pictures above also include the Pythagoreas numerology calculation solution for hypotenuse of right triangle. The Pythagorean Numerology system is said to have originated from the Greek mathematician Pythagoras, who was born in 580 B.C. Pythagorean Numerology is the most popular numerology systems, merely because it's easy to learn.
This system is probably the most commonly used approach for a numerology compatbility reading. While Chaldean Numerology is considered as more accurate (compared to the Pythagorean Numerology) it actually is less popular. This is merely because the Chaldean Numerology system is not as easy to master, and the alphabet values are not in as systematic an order as the other system. The premise of a Chaldean Numerology calculator is that every single letter has a unique vibration. The picture on the left displays the basics for finding the Chaldean number for each letter of the alphabet.
Finally, one should be aware that far most of the online numerology calculators on the internet - such as: EasyNumerology, NumberQuest and Psychicguild - follow the rules described by Pythagorean Numerology. If there is any thing worth living for or worth dying for in this world, then there is only thing, and its  called LOVE. So much has been said and done of love, and what are the ways to make one’s love successful with the help of some numerology, or in simpler term how to marry the woman we love? Well, before going to analyze the numbers and its love compatibility in this online numerology, lets understand whats the chemistry behind the actual process called love.

99.99 % of lovers in this world are not a sexy or a strikingly beautiful couple, but they have loved their partner as they have felt a great attraction in one way or other. In my numerology experience, i have interviewed many lovers ,with their permission of course, and i have found that the bonding called love happens only due to astral phenomenon like their stars, birth date, zodiac compatibility.
The boy or girl should have compatibility either in birthdate, or lifepath, or name,to actually fall in love ! Number 1 borns like 1,10,28,19 borns in numerology destiny are very compatible to 4 borns like 4,13,22, and 31 born. More than number 1 borns, number 4 borns are very attached and compatible to number 8 borns.
For number 2 borns, like 11,20,2,29 in numerology destiny, they usually get attracted and lose their heart to 7 borns, 5 borns, and 9 borns. Number 3 in numerology destiny is called universal friend in numerology, as they will be loved by all, they will be loved by every number in numerology. Number 5 borns like 5,14 and 23 in numerology destiny are the ones called the casanovas in numerology as they tend to love any one and everyone, but their most passionat and true love will be found in a 9 born only. Number 6 borns are romantic lovers by born, and their high standard and expectation in love can be fulifilled only be a fellow 6 borns, but they can mend their ways to 9 borns too. Number 9 borns in numerology destiny, who are described as the most sensuous lovers and also most possessive ones will be fatally attracted to number 5 borns, and also to 6 borns and 3 borns. Apart from all this compatibilities, when a man and woman with same birth number, or lifepath or name will naturally get attracted and fall in love. Another way to make a strong love bond is, if two people’s name value is same, then they cannot be separated each other in this universe, and a man is likely to succeed in love if the girl he loves has the same name number as him. In my another post, i have described about name number 19, if any man wants his love, or his girlfriend to remain eternally in love with him, then his or her name should be in 19, by doing this so, she will not even think of anyone other than her love.
Happiness in anything is not permanent, no marriage life is without problems or pains, but the question is whether it will survive or not? We typically get along blissfully, however lately there have been tons of issues over petty things such as lack a small lack of communication every once in a while. Anyway, I was curious if this may just be a rough patch and not worth over-analyzing or something I should actually try to discuss.
Above the header of my blog, there is a link called Calculate your name, you can see the value for alphabets there. Numerology readings likely make the quest for finding the perfect baby name much more easy! Numerology is based on the belief that every single detail in the Universe vibrates at a certain frequency, and that these frequencies have attributes. Without getting too heavy into this perspective of Universal energy, let's take a look at Laraine Turner's strategy which one can reduce to that it is basically the first name that matters! It's fair to say that Numerology isn't as well known as Astrology, but that doesn't mean that you should underestimate it's potential.
One of the advantages of numerology is that you don't need an accurate time of birth to get an accurate reading; in fact all you need is your date of birth and full name.

Numerology is the study of numbers, and the manner in which they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies, as an integral part of the cosmic plan. However, numerology is no longer considered as a part of modern mathematics - as a matter of fact: 'numerologists' are regarded as pseudomathematics by most modern scientists. This system is related to the Vedic System of India and the Kabbalah System of the Hebrew mystics. Numbers are assigned to letters based on the vibrational value (while in the Pythagorean System of numerology numbers are assigned by sequence). The reason for this is that the Chaldeans considered the number '9' as a holy, sacred number. The analysis of your name under Chaldean Numerology system uses ONLY the name you are most known by. A magnetic force which makes that woman very special to their eyes, very pretty to their eyes. These 1, 4 and 8 are circle of friends, and person born on these dates will fall in love if the other person has anywhere has these other two numbers in birth date or lifepath or name. Number 3 is also called as Universe in Chaldean Numerology, and its undoubtedly the best number to be born in numerology.
Various strategies including: how to find Tamil baby girl names with numerology, Hebrew baby names, Sanskrit baby names, Arabic baby names, Irish baby names, Islamic baby names, Italian names, African baby names, Japanese baby names & more! So that you have a complete look at how numbers is affecting your life or the life of another in your life.
Its actually the attraction which leads to love, and this attraction is not due to ones color or structure mainly but due to the wavelength and the aura of that person.
This attribute is solely due to the numbers, the aura, the energies, and the prana which surrounds that person.
Planet Mercury and Planet Mars are friendly, hence its no wonder a  5 born is attracted and mostly fall in love with 9 borns.
Number 1 here will be dominant than number 4 in relationship, and number 4 will beautifully surrender to number 1.
The root cause of every problem in this world can be attributed to one reason, thats lack of love or denial of love. If the aura or enery matches the opposite sex, then it leads to a great symbiotic bond called love.
But number 6 borns are 9 borns are very close to 3 borns and together they form a close group. When a soul is denied of love or affection, then thats where it turns into a destructive force.

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