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In Numerology, 7 carries the energy of wisdom, spirituality, analytical thought and intuition. Pythagoras, who is generally acknowledged to be the father of Numerology, felt that Numerology 7 was most definitely the most spiritual of the nine primary numbers.
In terms of personal characteristics you may associate this energy with the hermit in his cave on the mountain. Time frames that are dominated by the Numerology 7 energy are times for careful analysis and introspection.
The rules of reduction in the calculation of Numerology measures takes every number greater than 9, adds the digits together to reduce to a single number. Numerology 16 meaning – Numerology 16 is an energy that represents going within oneself as a result of isolation in matters of love and the home. Numerology 34 meaning – Numerology 34 is an excellent vibration for writers and for actors.
Numerology 43 meaning – Numerology 43 could be considered the energy of the inventor; someone who likes to work with and create things with their mind in isolation.
Numerology 52 meaning – Numerology 52 can indicate a highly competitive nature and indicate relationships that are antagonistic and competitive leading to analysis and deep thought at best, stress and isolation at worst.
Numerology 61 meaning – Numerology 61 is a vibration associated with careful analysis and thoughts around love and family and how they relate to the individual.
Numerology 70 meaning – Numerology 70 is an energy associated with preparation for spiritual undertakings or a deep thought process. Numerology 79 meaning – Numerology 79 is a number associated with stressful situations such as heartache and betrayal with a focus on finding resolution and closure. Numerology 97 meaning – Numerology 97 is a vibration which brings about the analysis of the world and the communities within it and encompasses the individuals own personal beliefs and truths. As you read the meaning of the double digit ciphers you will get a good sense of the Numerology 7 characteristics; spirituality, deep thought, analysis. Master Numbers are ciphers that carry the potential for greatness; great success and achievement or great failure and destruction. It may help you to get a sense of the energy to think of Master Numbers as being 11 times as powerful as the single digit cipher it is made up of. A direct translation of the Master Number 11 would give us both the self focussed on itself and it’s accomplishments and achievements and also the individual leading others. Those with 11 dominant in their charts tend to be creative and intelligent with an ability to inspire people, for better or for worse. If we look at the formation of the Master Number 22 we can interpret it as strong partnerships supported with understanding and flexibility to produce structure and stability.
Those with 22 dominant in their charts tend to be hard workers, sure and steady, but very personable too. If you thought a Numerology 3 could talk your ear off, you just wait till you come across a Master Number 33! Those who are channelling the 33 energy in it’s highest form may approach perfect integration of mind, body and spirit. Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Sean Connery and Bob Hope are just some of the well known celebrities to carry the 33 vibration strongly within them.
Please visit part 2 of this Master Numbers series to read about the next three Master Numbers (44, 55 and 66) or jump to part 3 where the last three Master Numbers (77, 88 and 99) are covered.
Numerology of Birth Date is Facebook App which allowing you to know "the Predict" the number of your birthday. When looking at the Numerology 7 characteristics we are looking at an energy that is often lost in thought, somewhat withdrawn from the outer world as it focusses within, spiritual and tranquil in it’s nature. A deep thinker and often somewhat removed from the social world around them through their own choice. They are also times for quiet contemplation of the world that you cannot see and attendance to any spiritual matters that may have been neglected. Accordingly it is often associated with heartbreak, betrayal, tragedy, collapse and great loss.
It is one where relationships change, often in a competitive manner resulting in analysis and thought. It facilitates the self-expression via words in a structured manner whilst maintaining high levels of concentration allowing for deep thought and sensitivity to be expressed.
Issues are to do with communication and the ability to express oneself clearly and maintain good health (especially is stress is present). It can represent the introduction and acceptance of institutions that encourage such mental and spiritual journeys. However, for those working in the highest vibration it is a number offering massive potential for spiritual wisdom and the teaching of the wider community. There is a sharing of these opinions on a public stage and this may result in a fall from grace or in public acclaim. How you are affected by this energy depends on where it presents itself in your numerology chart. There is no shortage of excitement when Master Numbers are in a chart as they are an intensification of energy.

If you consider this in terms of each number being ray of light shining from a torch at you, the brilliance of a Master Number would be 11 torches shining light at you which would be a considerably brighter and more intense experience. If a simple number gave you the capacity to be a capable leader, the Master Number variant would give you the capacity to be a great leader.
Below we will look at the individual interpretations of the first three Master Numbers, namely 11, 22 and 33. It is also the Master Number with the most transition binaries (numbers such as 29 which, when the individual digits are added together produce the final number, in this case 11). Of course the negative aspect to this vibration could result in something being built that is not in the interests of mankind or alternatively in someone determined and capable of destruction. One difference is that the 33 will communicate with such style and artistry that you will often beg them to keep going when they choose to stop. But, given that 3 is all about self expression and this is intensified here, and the fact that 6 is associated with sex, a Master Number 33 can descend into the depths of sexual debauchery. They are very charming and attract the opposite sex, but both are very pragmatic, and this also seek alliance with such pragmatists.
Strong and gentle lovers, but their affection is rapidly changing, as born on the 16th day like variety.
People born on this day, love to tie intrigues because they are emotionally unstable and keep faithful to their permanent partner.
A rare case of balancing the spiritual and physical requirements: the partners expect both spirituality and sensuality. Not have strong feelings and passionate, hard fall in love, but if you love it until the end of their lives. They like to dominate the relationship, so marriages are good only to those partners who are willing to obey and have the same temperament. Less controversial: seek to communicate with those who are insured, but because at the same time romantic, idealize the object of his adoration. Many interesting people, because, mind, strong character and novelty can understand virtually everyone. With people born on this day, not easy to get used to because they have contradictory nature.
In kind are born hunters, sexually aggressive and strong, able to pursue the object of his passion with extraordinary cunning and perseverance.
Following are your birthday dates irrespective of the month you were born and the related traits shown by it. This spiritual tendency is coupled with a highly analytical tendency and a capacity for deep thought. That being said they will often enjoy travel and interacting with different cultures and ways of thinking as this supports their internal desire to learn and gain knowledge. But each double digit cipher has it’s own meaning, a focus put on the resulting single digit number. This is considered an immensely purifying vibration as it gives the individual a great opportunity for internal progress towards spiritual understanding. Challenges will be in self-expression and communication and possibly in the maintaining of good health.
People with this energy may tend to question their place within a home and question the nature of love and romance.
Challenges are to do with embracing that spirituality, the new way of thinking required to progress.
This energy demands that one goes within and seeks profound understanding of life and existence. This energy can be found with those who rule over others either with nobility and grace or with cruelty and impurity.
Use the descriptions above as a guide to what to be aware of should you find that these numbers are prominent for you.
But all numbers, including Master Numbers, can be expressed in a negative fashion and in the example above the person who was a bullying leader with the simple number becomes a despotic tyrant with the Master Number variant. In part two of this Master Numbers series we will look at the next three Master Numbers and we will conclude in part three of this Master Numbers series by examining the meaning of the final three Master Numbers.
Therefore it should come as no surprise that this number is very common in the charts of those that rise to fame and high status through what they achieve in whatever they have chosen to excel at. For those that are religious in nature it is interesting to note that Jesus is an 11 vibration.
This Master Number is not about the creation or conception of new ideas but rather about giving shape and form to these ideas, about taking a dream and manifesting it into reality. This ability to communicate the beauty of the world in such a way that generates joy and happiness in others means many famous musicians, poets, actors and singers have 33 prominent in their chart. Thus, if you have Master Number 33 in your charts then you will want to be very wary of not succumbing to this temptation.
They have an average sexual temperament, are less pessimistic, jealous and explosive, so we need the support of the beloved. With love and caress them, you can achieve anything but confident and strong man will never conquer their heart.

Despite their excessive sexual appetites, sensual side of their nature is not strongly developed. But if you know how to turn a blind eye to their antics, you are guaranteed a long and healthy union. In fact, very delicate and sensitive, extremely rare in conflict prone and love people in all areas (except sex). Extremely selfish, dictatorial set to partners, comply only with yourself and others considered only as a tool to achieve their goals and desires. Although these are sex people with average abilities, they carry romantic notions satisfying your partner with a variety of methods and sexual fantasies.
Not able to hide their abilities from the opposite sex, do not enjoy much success, but this does not prevent them from more idealistic their beloved. And fall in love only when the object of their attention is surrounded by a halo of romance. For them the head is equal dose of spirituality and sexuality in the marriage relationship: an excess of one can not replace the lack of the other. Aspire to union with multiple people who know how to distract them from the dark thoughts and sadness. This app wasn't developed by Facebook themeselves, until this post is published this app has 136,704 active users and has a good reviews about (4.2 out of 5) stars based on 1,180 reviews has been given by members. People with this vibration prominent in their charts may well have a difficult life but have the greatest chance of being honed to spiritual enlightenment through these tough experiences. If there are issues they will be to do with relationships and maintaining the right balance. The things that are built do not always have to be physical structures like houses, but could be musical compositions or codes of conduct. Many famous singers have this vibration prominent in their chart as two is the first vibration of music and multiplying this by 11 gives structure to that musical ability along with the discipline and self control associated with the 22. They prefer to spend more time on his career and professional growth, rather than love and romance. For them love is hunting for the object of passion, for his obedience and satisfaction of their own feelings. Especially good with them those who divide their momentum in the spiritual sphere, business plans, career and so on.
Life they hope to find strong-willed, self-confident partner to support them, support them and guide. In sexual relations show average results and if their partner is posilen physically and spiritually weak in, the marriage will fail. Many are sexual but do not know how to express their wishes and narrowing of them suffer from complexes. Feeling their power kind to them, even though their wish, seek people of the opposite sex, but can live with them only compliant and susceptible natures.
Analytical work and jobs that require deep thought and contemplation will make for a good Numerology 7 career choice. If negatively aspected, the 7 energy can come across as cold and indifferent, troubled and isolated.
It achieves these masterpieces through steadfast hard work, discipline and routine mixed with a superb ability to balance the resources available and the needs of the stakeholders of any project. Therefore, their sexual partners are usually those whose gain does not require much time and great effort. So marriage is successful only similar in spirit, and sex is the culmination of the feelings that emerged in the soul. Their marriages are successful, particularly those that meet their romantic attitude and are reluctant to break established their air castles. For his entire life may conclude several marriage and each is more successful than the previous. If you love someone, are willing to sacrifice and at the same time manifest feebleness and vulnerability. The complexity of living together with them is determined by periodic replacement of vital landmarks: sometimes wonderful know what they want, then suddenly throw in search of the meaning of life. Regarded sex as animal desire and liaise precisely in order to get the most from this purely physical act. But try to tie relations with those who can build upon and rely, as on the one hand, are confident in yourself and the other – prefer soft and vulnerable people in communication.
Many appreciate the spiritual communication, and if it is missing just one partner quickly tired of them.

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