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The ancient kabbalistic teachings include a type of kabbalah numerology, based on the number system used in the tree of life and the Hebrew alphabet.
We also need to understand that the physical world, the world of action, of which we have limited understanding and vision, is just one of many worlds. The tree of life is the spiritual diagram or blueprint for the creation of the universe and man. So, in daily life, we may use our understanding of the numerological value of the day of the week, the parsha (story) of the week, the month of the year (each month is represented by one of the tribes and each tribe carried a specific name, number and energy) and  even the hour of the day to further understand the energetic frequencies that are prevalent.
The numerological kabbalistic systems are complex and brilliant and require a wholistic study coupled with a dedicated daily practice of Torah life.
The central book of the Kabbalah, the book the Zohar, is considered in traditional Judaism to be an integral part of the oral tradition. A standard claim of traditional Judaism is that the Torah as a divine book is 100% error-free. On the face of it this seems a reasonable objection but that is without the contribution of the Kabbalists. Not only does this reconcile an apparent mistake in the Torah but the Kabbalah uses this verse to teach a further lesson about the nature of the world.
A value that is manifest in the physical (the spoken form) will always differ slightly from its theoretical value (the written form). The lesson here is that we should understand that the physical world will always be an imperfect reflection of the theoretical. The Kabbalah teaches that whilst we must strive for perfection in our intentions, our actions in the physical world will never correspond exactly. In the book of the Zohar we are told that there are 26 basic dimensions to existence and these are contained within ten general dimensions. The simple answer according to traditional Judaism is that God told Moses at Mount Sinai and that this information was preserved orally until being written down in the 2nd Century (by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai) but if you don’t believe in the traditional Jewish narrative then this answer is far from satisfying. Jewish tradition originating in the Kabbalah states that God hides His presence in the world we experience. In Jewish numerology, which is known by the Hebrew term Gematria, the letters which make up God’s name (yod [10]-hay [5]-vav [6]-hay [5]) have a total numerical value of 26.
Of course string theory has a different explanation to arrive at its 26 dimensions but it is certainly interesting that current theory in physics agrees with a text written almost 2,000 years ago. 2016 Detailed Career Report-Monthwise Prediction – 40% Off Want faster Career progress in 2016 ?
General Description: The Sun enters Leo on or around July 22 and transits through it by August 23. Noteworthy qualities: Loyalty, kindness, tolerance, generosity, inspiration, philanthropy, fearlessness, chivalry, optimism, intuitiveness, industriousness.
Undesirable personality traits: Arrogance, domination, guilelessness, fussiness, anger, sensitivity, impetuousness, impatience, bluntness. Leo Physical Structure: The Lions have strong features, wide forehead, thick and fair hair, and a rather large aquiline nose.
Leo Habits: The lavish Lions, despite all their obvious talents, can be incorrigible braggarts.
Leo Health: Though they are by and large of a strong built, back pains or related issues of the spine can be a bane for the Lions. Leo Beautyscope: Orange and gold colours are best suited to the Lions who are always looking out to attract attention. Those born under the Zodiac Sign Leo (Simha), the fifth Sign in the Zodiac calendar, are represented by the mighty Lion.
For the same reasons, professionally not suited for any lowbrow job, Lions do quite well in white-collar jobs, particularly as leaders or managers. The Lions’ creativity, idealism, leadership, boundless enthusiasm, ambition are their greatest assets. What could be the starry picture of the intriguing woman leader of Myanmar – Aung Sang Syuu Kyi? If you have been confused about your life’s purpose, your work direction, or your business focus, be prepared to gain clarity! Fill in the form below to get our report to discover your goal setting type today, along with a complimentary subscription to our ezine. To understand this numerology, we must first understand that the building blocks of creation are made up of energy. Indeed, students of Jewish texts realize that the oral Torah is required to make proper sense of the written Torah. After all, how could a book that is supposed to be authored by the creator of the world contain errors in simple matters of fact? The problem is that if the pool is 10 cubits across then it can’t be 30 cubits around at least not if it is to be circular. The Vilna Gaon, a legendary teacher of the Zohar and other Jewish texts, noted that the verse actually hints at a solution  by an anomaly in the text.  Though pronounced in the usual fashion, the spelling of the Hebrew word for circumference (kav) is unusual in this verse, with an additional letter added to the end. What we have in this verse is the truth of the world expressed in two different ways; linguistic and mathematical.

Far from there being a mistake in this verse, the insights drawn from Kabbalah enable us to understand an important principle of Torah. Indeed, as any engineer will tell you, regardless of the precision of measurements used in the plans, in reality it isn’t possible to build something which is perfectly circular. Therefore, like any master engineer, we should not beat ourselves up because we failed to achieve perfection, rather we must attempt to tolerate only the minimal deviation. Of the 26 dimensions of reality, only four are immediately experienced by human beings: height, width, depth and time.
The 5th in the line of Zodiac, Leos, much like their name, are strong, fierce, bold, courageous and regal in their lifestyles, ways and expression. Self-confident and assertive, the people born under the Zodiac Sign Leo are often generous to a fault.
Raw egg yolk, asparagus, figs, lemons, coconut, peaches, sunflower seeds and apples will do them a world of good.
It is understandable that a person endowed with creativity, charm and wit should feel like showing off once in a while, but they can carry it too far, which may cause resentment among peers.
If they are not careful with their posture, especially during teenage and adolescence, the backbone can cause severe problems later.
Affectionate and often theatrical in their behaviour, the Lions’ gregarious personalities easily stand out in a crowd. Their bluntness may many times offend people, but they try and make up for it by being chivalrous and caring. A Lion’s career graph may go upwardly, provided they choose the right field to be in.
They are outgoing, confident and have generosity of spirit and a determination to succeed coupled with tremendous energy. In case there is marital discord and you want find a solution, do not hesitate to avail Marriage Ask A Question Detailed advice report. Using the 2500-year-old principles of Business Numerology, best-selling author Marcia Bench presents this guidebook to your success and fulfillment. Like musical notes, which have colour, shape, form, sound, frequency and resonance, so too does each and every letter of the ancient Hebrew alphabet.
Each day of Sukkot correlates to one of the seven lower sephirot (from the tree of life), bringing a different energy to each night.
One example of this is how practitioners of Kabbalah have used Hebrew numerology, or gematria, to reconcile an apparent mistake in the written Torah and to demonstrate a deeper wisdom underlying the simple meaning of the text. Whatever measurements had been written in the Torah would have been imprecise because of this paradox.
Amazingly creative in almost all spheres of their lives, Leo individuals are independent and dominant.
Ambitious and enthusiastic, the Leo love the comforts of life and ensure that they earn enough so that their needs are met.
You can avail 100% personalised Detailed Life Predictions Report to remain mentally prepared and handle them to the best of your ability. Navy blue, gold or red nail-polish brings out their sensuality, and also their leadership qualities. Self-confident and courageous, they will hardly embark on a mission, if they do not see themselves on the top at the finish.
Lions are blessed with a strong aesthetic sense, not only with regard to the possessions, but also with the environment around them. Addicted to a comfortable life, they see to it that they manage to earn enough to meet the needs.
Sometimes they may be vane and bossy to be regal, but regardless of appearance, they are also decisive, intensely proud and wonderfully romantic. Our astrologer will analyse your Kundali and suggest you a solution that will help you to get rid of the problem once and for all.
Find out what no other experts have told you about how numerology can reveal and predict your success, one number at a time! Therefore, each word has multi-layered meaning, from the simplest to the most complicated, and that meaning is intricately connected to its placement and context in the written Torah.
Likewise each day of the week and each month of the year has a different numerological energy. The secret lies in the name of God and is uncovered through Gematria, the Hebrew name for numerology in the Jewish tradition. Known to be the most authoritative amongst all the Signs of Zodiac, Leos or Lions are often brave-hearts, and their confidence, ambition and positive thinking are exemplary and unparalleled. Besides, with the kind of leadership skills and convincing power that they possess, getting things done is not a difficult task for them.
This completely personalised report covers all major aspects of your life and gives you some priceless guidance. When it comes to money, ironically, they can go overboard with spending, but detest taking debts. It is certain that the major danger comes from the heart, and that there is a risk of developing a heart condition if they experience situations of severe stress or serious disputes.

In fact, leaving a lasting impression on people’s minds is a task they handle only too well, given the charisma they radiate. Dignified, strong, well-organised and idealistic, Lions’ have this sense of power that allows them to get things done and even inspire others. Lions are status conscious, but at the same time, they are warm-hearted and want everyone to be happy. On the second night, Yitzchak is said to visit, representing a harsher aspect of discipline or strength. You will greatly benefit from ordering totally customised service Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice which will be based on your personal Horoscope and shall be specific to you. Leo are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish their goals.
However, they are easily attracted to the rich, the bold, the famous, and the beautiful, and are easily seduced by material wealth and luxury. In case, you are bothered about your dull career progression, you may straight away Ask A Career Question to obtain fully personalised solution based on your Natal Chart. They wine, dine and shower expensive gifts and roll out the red carpet all the way for their lover. We can see this in our private lives, in seemingly synchronistic events and also in world events if we pay attention.
Often the second night of Sukkot is when winds, storms or rain send guests running in for cover. Driven and determined, often to the degree of excess, most Leo individuals precisely know what they want from a situation, in particular, and the life, in general.
They should consider including heart healthy foods in their diet, such as blueberries, oatmeal and salmon to name a few. You can now make the upcoming year 2016 one of the best years in your life by ordering 2016 Yearly Report right away as it provides you a fully customised report based on your personal Horoscope so that you can plan ahead in time and take all the right decisions as required. You can order fully personalised Birth Chart based Month-by-Month predictions for Your Future in 2016 – which will help you to plan ahead in time and attain your very important goals. They are not afraid to make a statement with their clothes, although they are choosy about what kind of statement they make, and how. In their journey towards their goals, they may, however, become too fast-paced, overconfident or overbearing that they may lose their focus. Ideal life partners are found among Leo-Leo, Leo-Aries, Leo-Sagittarius and Leo-Aquarius pairs. Forty represents the element of water in the physical world (mayim in Hebrew), and water represents the Torah, emotion (tears) and learning. Or, as a learned man once said, “At least, they feel and believe they (Leos) know it all!”. Sometimes, however, they can appear to be gaudy, a look enhanced by heavy use of jewellery and accessories, and shining yellow or orange clothes, their favourite colours. Nonetheless, you can Ask Any Question that may be bothering you day in and day out to obtain solution from an astrological perspective. Give any Leo the best chair to sit on (possibly facing the wall mirror) when at home and the proverbial limelight with plenty of lights glowing – and you will have a purring and tamed big cat in front of you! However, if the married life should be as smooth sailing, the Leo will have to be less domineering and treat spouse as equal. Their ruler Sun bestows them with sparkle and zest – and also with glowing warmth and generosity. Get your Kundali analysed by our esteemed astrologers to know more about the sexual aspect of your personality. Coupled with their self-confidence, this kindness makes most Leos the joy and life of parties, gatherings and group activities. And yes, your privacy shall be protected, so don’t hesitate to avail this unique report.
Most Leo-born natives are also outspoken and brazen – a quality that sometimes goes against them – much like their domineering streak. That said, in relationships and matters of love and sex – Lions are loving, amorous, chivalrous and a joy to behold – until to cross their path (against their wishes). Nonetheless, the never say die attitude of Leos helps them take their failures and setbacks in a positive stride.
These patterns do not care for rich or poor, good or evil; they simply exert their influence as a wave washing and pushing this way or that. The exuberance and vitality of Leo is what makes their partners relish all the things the Leo personifies.

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