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You can use these two charts to calculate vibrations in numerology and to calculate numerology compatibility between persons. Normally, in numerology, when it’s just too close to call, which is called having “too much duality,” you don’t even want to try to predict anything. Go ahead and look over Chart #1 a bit more, along with its results, and store that information for now.
However, no matter what, there will be a winner despite duality, so let’s gather more data.
Mark won his first mirrorball in Season 6, and 6 is a compatible number with his Life Path number.
The Season Number, which was 9, and the Year Number, which was 6 (columns 7-8), were not as strong for Mark and Candace as it was for the two other couples. Okay, let’s take a look at the same considerations that we studied for the Season 18 couples. On the night of the Finals, all the couples are strong (column 18), so that does not help us in our predicting. You know, on paper, Janel and Val look to be stronger than Alfonso and Witney (columns 14-16), but will they be eliminated anyway due to the two challenging numbers they both have on the night of the Results (column 19)? And last, but not least, one more ingredient to throw in the mix is the concept of lucky Name Numbers. A Taurus and a Scorpio may be different in many ways, but, they also couldn’t be more passionate individuals. So, which Astrology pairings seem to have the strongest chances to win Dancing With The Stars Season 18?
If the numbers have anything to say about it my gut feeling tells me that, Bethany will place 4th, Janel will place 3rd, Alfonso in 2nd, and Sadie winning the whole damn thing. I believe you mentioned in the post the number 2 in personal year is a sign of spirituality.
Thanks so much, Nick, though note that Dona did the Numerology and I did the Astrology in this post. Bethany to me at this point is the person that seem more relaxed, she seemed to be under more pressure at the beginning of the season, now, she floats on the dance floor and seems to be enjoying these last moments (although we saw a creativity blockade by Derek the last week (I think it was for the song) they showed 2 greatest routines).
The combination of Scorpio and Taurus is very strong if they pass that stage of communication and we can see that Bethany and Derek are in the same orbit now. Just wanted to say to Vogue and DonaM that the explanations were very clear and easy to follow, both with the color-coding and with summarizing the conclusion into a single number that we can compare across the couples. Sophie, how do you know Beth and Derek aren’t getting a lot of love from the general audience?? Of course when you really look at it, the negative comments are more likely to stand out than the positive ones.
But, hey, this is the Dancing With the Stars Finale we’re talking about, and we’re all vested in one couple or another, right? As you can see in Chart #1, all of the couples have EXTRA SUNNY’s on the night of the Finals (columns 1-2). We see every couple has at least one EXTRA SUNNY, but we see lots of challenging numbers as well. The Personal Year number sets the vibratory pattern for 12 months, while the Personal Month (column 6) is for the month in question. I thought it would be fun to go back and review several concrete numerology examples for the past mirrorball wins of Mark Ballas, Derek Hough, and Maksim Chermkovksiy. Adding up all the Natural Match numbers (3 points), and compatible numbers (2 points), and challenging numbers (1 point), we arrive at the totals below. Based on the Personal Year and the Personal Month (columns 16-17), the strongest pairing ends up being Derek and Bethany, because they have three Natural Matches, compared to the two that the other couples have.
Looking at the Results Show (column 19), we see a lot of challenging numbers, however Sadie and Witney have one Natural Match each, and now Derek and Bethany don’t look as strong.
Looking at who has the most Natural Matches in all the columns, we see that Sadie and Mark are the strongest. The “science” is in how the numbers are determined; the “art” is in how to read them to make an educated prediction. They may need to work at communication in the beginning and both are head strong, but, whenever faced with adversity, both signs are meticulous about over coming anything including any communication gaps.
I tried to follow along as much as possible and basically I’ve learned that the race is so tight anything can happen.

Now if there was a clear-cut winner this season that would be great, but now it’s come down to the wire. Now it may not be a direct link to Sadie’s faith, but her whole journey on this show has been astounding.
I’ve been hoping and praying that my top three end up being the final three, and that Janel places fourth. I really enjoy it when people can collect their thoughts and express them well, and you guys you did a great job with something that could have been super confusing otherwise!
They do have support there, but it seems that Sadie is the most popular among the Facebook crowd! I do see love for them on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr (to an extent), and of course on this site and on PDH! Never before in our time doing these kind of predictions have we been so conflicted for who will win Dancing With The Stars. So, even though there is quite a bit of duality, and the numbers are not as clear-cut as in prior seasons, let’s take a stab at it, shall we?
I don’t expect that you are going to internalize all the information presented below in just one reading.
Did you notice that Glynis considered which couples were compatible by their numbers, in other words, naturally matched or not.
Both are important, but the Personal Year carries more weight, so we will add a bit more weight in our arbitrary numerical system.
Season 10 reduces to a 1, which is compatible to his Life Path, and that was in 2010, which reduces to a 3, which is a Natural Match.
And notice that Janel and Val both have two challenging numbers, just like Derek and Bethany. Certain numbers and certain combinations of numbers are considered to be luckier than others for winning. Janel, Val, Sadie, and Derek have double numbers, 55, 55, 65, and 86 respectively, including some other single lucky numbers.
They find a way and will work hard and will do whatever it takes for success despite hardships and challenges. What’s more, both are highly adjustable, fun loving, as well as edgy in terms of their personality traits and temperament. There is a generation of difference but sometimes that sparks into a great collaboration because there is so much passion and respect. She never defaulted into a type-casting category, yes reality tv is her claim to fame, but the real reality is that she’s star quality.
So to see her, an underdog who has it all (natural movement, talent, charisma) get berated and bashed consistantly, sounds like a good fuel to this fire Sadie has building in her fanbase.
If so, for me I think Bethany and Derek have great chance to win this (I think Bethany is feeling himself like a winner only for be in this place in the competition and that makes her look more fresh and free). But I also see a lot of ugly comments not just on Facebook but on other media like message boards and YouTube surrounding Bethany and Derek. About the time we would make up our minds, then something would tell us something different. It’s from Season 4, when Dancing With the Stars brought in my numerology teacher, Numerologist Glynis McCants, to give her predictions about the possible winners for that season. Also, while we’re at it, we will do the same for the Master Number 11, which is reduced to a 2.
If you remember from last season how Candace Cameron Bure’s EXTRA EXTRA SUNNY continually saved her, that’s kind of what this Master Number for the Personal Year is like.
Just on the Personal Year and Personal Month alone (columns 9 -10), Meryl and Maks were the strongest couple with three Natural Matches.
In terms of competition placement, will Derek and Bethany place ahead of Janel and Val due to Derek’s strong Personal Year and Personal Month and Bethany’s strong Personal Month?
The numbers 5, 6, and 8 are lucky winning numbers, especially the more you have of them in your name. With so many factors to consider, and with the “duality” that I’ve mentioned several times, perhaps, you’re thinking that it just might come down to whose fans are going to pull some all-nighters, voting like crazy. Those born under this sign are also considered to be talented, entertaining, intellectual, resourceful, and loved by all. However, the chemistry between two dynamic sun signs could be very difficult and challenging too being things can get explosive.

Could we see one of these signs take the Mirror Ball for the first time this season or will the opposite stay true? With Janel and Val there is passion but also ego and of course their drive to win at all costs. Alfonso always seems very confident, but this injury may be a symptom of the pressure that he feels?. Seeing Derek’s reaction to Mark and Sadie winning would indeed be something to see in and of itself. Though give it up for Dona and her Numerology Predictions for Dancing With The Stars Semi-Finals!! While Glynis looked at all 6 of the couple’s numbers, for simplicity sake at the moment, we’re going to just look at Life Path numbers here. The fact that everyone has EXTRA SUNNY, except Sadie, gives us a bit more “duality.” We know that we have to eliminate someone! Kristi Yamuguchi’s Attitude Number was compatible with Mark’s Attitude Number, though their Life Paths were challenging. He was in a Personal Year of 2, another Natural Match, and his Personal Month was also a 2, yet another Natural Match. Also, if you have any combination of these numbers “together”, such as 55, or 56, or 58, or 86, etc., you tend to be particularly lucky. Coincidentally, Bethany shares the same birthday as Derek’s Season 18 partner Amy Purdy. When challenged, they are keen at finding their way through significant challenges and tight schedules presented by life and they can even change personalities to do it. However, when they have work or career connections, no matter how brief, they are known to have an unusually high degree of inspiration and collaboration that compliments the two.
But after seeing how accurate Dona was with the Semi-final predictions, I’m put at ease.
Do you remember how she predicted Janel and Val had 26.5 points, Bethany and Derek had 25.5, Alfonso and Witney had 25, Sadie and Mark had 24, and Tommy and Peta had 22? If you didn’t get a chance to read last’s week post, you may want to start there, as there is quite a bit of introductory information that I will not be repeating here. Below is what we get based on the Life Path number of each celebrity compared to the Life Path number of their professional coach. Some thought he and Kristi were shoo-ins, but that season they had close competitors in Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska, along with Cristian De La Fuente and Cheryl Burke. Brooke Burke’s Attitude Number was compatible with Derek’s Attitude Number, though their Life Paths were challenging. He was partnered with Shawn Johnson, with whom he also had a Natural Match in Attitude Numbers.
Nicole’s Life Path number was compatible with Derek’s Life Path number and also compatible with his Attitude Number, making for a powerful connection between them. If we look just at the night of the Finals (column 11), we see that Maks and Meryl also had two compatibles, with Derek and Amy having only one, and Mark and Candace again having none.
We saw that with Sadie when she was unwilling to compromise the religious and moral beliefs that she was raised with, the belief system in which she finds security. Well, that turned out to be the exact order for their scoring this past Monday night on Dancing With The Stars.
It’s not a compatible number for an exciting event like the Finals for Dancing With the Stars. With no natural matches in his numbers for that season, we understand why fan favorites Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson were close on his tail all season.
Also, for the night of the Finals, we see that Mark and Candace had two challenging numbers, while Derek and Amy had only one. It truly is too close to call, but Derek and Bethany definitely have some great things going for them! You will see why below, but with the information presented here, the fans of each remaining couple should feel — hopeful.
That seems to show only one couple most probably safe, Sadie and Mark — the same couple that has the challenging number on the night of the Finals.

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