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As I promised on Wednesday, here's how you can get a great collection of potentially life-changing reports, with each report costing less than a Grand Mocha Latte at Starbucks! Learn the little known -- but astonishingly accurate -- system of Chinese Numerology known as Lo Shu Numerology.
This easy-to-do system requires no mathematics, yet allows you to build a complete picture of someone by simply knowing their date of birth. Learn the basics of Western Numerology, and the incredibly accurate insights you can gain about a person from their date of birth and the name that was given to them.
Within 24 to 48 hours of working with your Omega Matrix, you will begin to receive thoughts and ideas that will help you move towards the goal of your choosing.
Many people carry their Omega Matrix with them at all times, and in the East it is common to place your yantra in a small pouch that is worn around your neck.
Learn how to make your very own horoscope predictions, for any day between today and the year 2040! Best of all, there are no complicated calculations involved, and no previous experience in Astrology is needed. You'll be surprising your friends with your astrological knowledge and ability within just hours of reading this amazing report that simplifies astrology to a new level. Next to the face, the human hand is the most expressive and revealing thing about a person. Have you ever been able to sense the presence of other people before you actually heard or saw them?

Take an enlightening journey into the world of your subconscious mind, as you learn to remember your dreams and interpret their hidden meaning. To round out this insightful book, there is a section on Omens and Superstitions, including beliefs concerning the Human Body, Animals, Clothing, Household Superstitions, Weddings, and Weather Omens. This is the complete set of lecture notes from my 16-hour weekend workshop on Psychic Development. Learn how to tune into your subconscious and intuitive mind, as you use the power of the pendulum for improved health, happiness, and success. If you have any important decisions to make, the pendulum will provide you with answers you need. If there is any aspect of your life you would like to change, you can literally program your future with a simple pendulum session.
Learning to read tarot cards can be a daunting task -- there are 78 different tarot cards, each card having its' own special meaning. Here's an example: the element for the suit of cups is water, and season for this suit is Summer.
When you read this report, you'll be ready to amaze your friends with Tarot Readings that will stun them. The lecture notes alone (the last item in the above list) are worth at least $49.95, so you're really getting all ten books for less than the price of one!
When you order you'll be given instant access to download all ten books, so you can be enjoying them just minutes from now.

Discussions of the role of numerology in selecting a partner or evaluating your current relationship. In Numerology the Love life and relationships in love making are affected by number under which someone is born. See what’s coming in life, love, money and more this month with your free May 2015 Numerology Predictions. It's fair to say that Numerology isn't as well known as Astrology, but that doesn't mean that you should underestimate it's potential.
One of the advantages of numerology is that you don't need an accurate time of birth to get an accurate reading; in fact all you need is your date of birth and full name. Learn the dominant characteristics of the hand, and what they reveal about your character, your talents, and your destiny.
What's more, this system also allows you do to readings with an ordinary pack of cards, should you ever find yourself without a tarot deck. At under $4 per book, it's less than I pay for a Grande Mocha Latte at my local coffee shop.
Cups hold water, and you can easily remember the season by recalling which season is best suited for swimming.

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