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So much has been written about Bartali in the anglo cycling press, but more about his cycling exploits, less about the man.
Although I thought I knew everything about the Bartali  story, having read many Italian language books and magazines in the past, I found this one to be an excellent, well researched story. It was emenating from an old dude, about 5 foot 7, solid as a barrel of vin santo, and despite his quite advanced age, still quite the force of nature. After Bartali passed away a dozen years ago, I convinced a group of cyclosportive friends to do our own, small, tongue-in-cheek pilgrimage ride to remember Gino Bartali. That saturday morning climb up Greylock ended up being a grovel in a cold October rain, a fitting homage to the Alpine stage in '48 that saw Gino seal his 2nd Tour.
Being the total Bartali fanatic, I finally snagged myself a real wool replica Bartali jersey a few years ago. Someday I hope to wear it in the Eroica, but I'm afraid if I ride Gino's strada biancha, and drink the local Chianti, they might have a hard time getting me back on the plane. While we're talking good books and Tuscany, last summer I read a book by a Hungarian born, American raised Ference Mate, a guy who moved to Tuscany and started a vineyard.
That read is called 'the Wisdom of Tuscany', and it makes a pretty compelling case for why the Tuscan lifestyle is superior, and offers suggestions as to how we might all partake in our share of it, no matter where we live.
But then again jongens, Flandria Cafe 'ain't got no' SKY budget, where price is no object in seeking incremental gains against the watch.

Charly Gaul loved the rain and cold, and was notorious for having really bad days in the heat. Like the others who showed up, I decided to ignore the heat stroke warnings of the TV meteorologists, and just give it 100%. I mostly kept my eternal but oft broken vow to start steady and limit the gearing, toggling between a 14 and 15. Okay wielersupporters, I may be no Nostradamus, but I do know that 2012 is a year the stars just might align to give us a Giro-Tour double again. Funny isn't it how since World War '2', that the years ending in '2' have, more often than not, been marked by a crushing Giro-Tour double victory.
What each of these years had in common was that the Tour was a real peloton spanking domination by a superchampion at the summit of his wattissmimo wielding powers. My longtime teammate and good friend Eric 'De Goose' is the latest of our band of Masters to get himself a sweet Flandria Competition. If you're in the States and want to unleash your own inner Freddy Maertens on a Flandria of your own, just email Bob at Bikeworks, and he'll be happy to hook you up. I started bicycle racing New England roads way back in 1976 when shorts were wool, helmets leather and $250 could snag that white Peugeot PX10 that was all you needed to jump in the pack with the best. Top category amateur racer, founding member of New England’s most prestigious cycling club, product marketing manager for global cycling brands, European bike-biz veteran, creator and owner of one the coolest road-bike shops ever, occasional drinking partner of professional cycling champions.

At age 53 I’m now a family man, occasional masters racer and gran-fondo hunter - but not mellowing with age.
Two hearts are better than one, shining brightly in this charmingly gorgeous heart necklace, which comes in six attractive colors. We never sell, share or rent your personal information to any third parties under any circumstances. New York, Mar 18:United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned yesterday's double suicide attacks in Maiduguri in Nigeria's restive Borno state by suspected Boko Haram elements, which left 20 people dead and many injured.
We may share information with governmental agencies or other companies assisting us in fraud prevention or investigation.
Ban extended his heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and wishes a speedy recovery to those injured in the attack.

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