Numerology forecast for february 2016 rates

Feng Shui Master Sandy Sue Rector will be sharing what to expect for the Year of the Fire Monkey and how the Monkey will affect you and your environment this year. Karen will share about the numerology for 2016 and the Liberating Effect of the 9 vibration. With the year 2015 fastly approaching, let’s take a look at what can be expected based on the numbers.
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We leave the Year of the Sheep behind and enter into the playful yet trickster energy of the Monkey. She’ll share Chinese Astrology Forecasts for each Chinese Animal sign, and discuss the issues that may show up around health, wealth, relationships and other things. She’ll offer tips to dealing with the energy of letting go, completion, endings, compassion, forgiveness and truth for each life path number. 10 Signs That You’re A Total Sco15 Things You Should Never Say to a TaurusTop storiesDo You Have Typical Aquarius Personality Traits?!

Sandy Sue will share the Feng Shui Remedies and Enhancements you can do for your Home and Office this year.

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