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Mozan is a method of numerology applied to horse racing, that was created nearly 90 years ago.
We will not record of give selections for Method 3 as there are way too many selections, and the ROI is a profit it does not warant all the extra outlay. There are numbers associated to letters, and the numbers are applied to the horses names, the race name, date and amount or runners. This is a very different approach than is used by the purist of the sport, and born out in the prices of some of the winners.

Anyone can get the examples in the numerology chart template by downloading the preferred format or make one in Microsoft word or excel programs so you can print the chart you will use.
The free Sample Chart Templates show how numerology is being used for present and future life. The numerology chart template is a tool designed to determine the personality, relationship and life path of a person.
Numerology chart is an interesting website to look for when you desire to know what will happen in the future.

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