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Learn the Numerology meaning of Hidden Passion numbers and how they help shape your true interests and talents. Numerology reveals a lot about ourselves, not just our innate personalities, but also our potentials, dreams, challenges, and other crucial aspects of our lives. Free Numerology software, tutorials and monthly and daily forecasts, complete line of … true love? Numbers that appear several times in your name represent a particular strength or ability -- symbolized by your Hidden Passion number -- and therefore represent your specific field of expertise or a specialized talent tailored just for you. First, calculate your Hidden Passion number by using the guide below, then read up on where your passion hides! To begin, write out your full birth name (first, middle and last) and designate each letter with a number -- according to its place in the alphabet -- using the chart below. Your Hidden Passion Number is the single-digit number that occurs most frequently in your name. Ironically, there are times when you lack confidence, especially at an earlier age, but you have the strength to overcome this obstacle. Highly considerate, sensitive and intuitive, you seek peaceful and pleasant environments and often serve as the peacemaker. A magnet for information, you are committed to your work and perform your job with a high degree of competency, patience and persistence. You have a tendency to worry too much about trivial details and can waste time on petty affairs. At times, you can be scatter-brained, so you need discipline and focus to make the most of your talents.
You have sound judgment and understanding when it comes to estimating the value of a plan or the feasibility of an enterprise.
Your desire for freedom is extremely strong and it will take effort and discipline to stick with whatever you start -- there is a tendency to give up a project or situation prematurely. As a progressive 6, you have a dream to be of service to those you love and your community. You are a highly responsible person, willing to sacrifice much, yet must be careful of not becoming a doormat for those who do not appreciate you or seek to take advantage of you.
You are a good judge of character with an uncanny ability to sense other people's strengths and weaknesses. Your ability to sense where someone else is "coming from" is much better served with your natural counselors instinct. Warm, generous and compassionate, you would do well and be quite happy in any undertaking that not only supplies you with a decent living, but is also geared at the good of all.
Your life-determining number is the most important characteristic of your numerological card. Six is a natural diplomat who needs involvement with other to share his or her warm charm, intuitive intellect and a friendly responsibility of well-being of others. Age Is More than a Number!Your Age Digit (not your age, your age digit) affects the things that come into your life this year! Numerology is the relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things and how numbers affect our lives. A 1-Year Numerology Forecast reveals what's coming into your life in the near future, so you'll always be prepared.

Each of those nine squares is numbered 1 through 9, starting with 1 in the top left corner of the chart and ending with 9 in the lower right corner. Once you've assigned a single-digit number to each letter of your name, record the occurance of each number into your nine-square grid. You may be too sensitive and easily hurt, and your feelings may get in the way of your sound judgement.
You may be interested in too many things, which can make it hard for you to apply yourself to one area successfully. You also have a tendency to become self righteous, although you are a generous humanitarian. You come up with unique solutions to problems and can be very convincing when the subject interests you. Loneliness is quite common among people with many 7s -- they have to learn to be alone without being lonely.
There may be a tendency to abuse this talent -- all 8s have to be wary of greed and ruthlessness.
Many 8s, although being an advantage in the business world and a help in the quest for success, may make life pretty hard, too. You are artistic -- the 9 is responsible for many of our creative geniuses, however these talents are often suppressed, sometimes not surfacing until middle or old age. You can get caught up in dreams and ideals without being practical, yet you still have enough fire and enthusiasm to attract support. The biggest challenge of Sixes is in their tendency to laziness and monotony, the enemies of growth and progress.
They might learn from an early childhood that there are either relationship, beliefs, values or personal power must be given away. In the top of each square is another number indicating how many times the number below it is represented in your full name at birth.
All in all, he has more letters with the value of 1 than any other letters, making his Hidden Passion number 1. Noise and roughness are big turn-offs, and you may appear shy and timid; you like people, but there is an inner fear.
You have determination, perseverance and self-discipline, and tend to be practical and realistic. Overindulgence in food, drink, sex and drugs are common among people with too many 5s -- six or more.
You may have a tendency to wander from person to person or job to job, making depth of relationships or deep expertise difficult. You like to be alone to contemplate, meditate and study, and are drawn to the philosophical and metaphysical. Many tests and frustrations have to be overcome and, most importantly, the proper balance and perspective regarding spirit and matter has to be attained. Fours are here to build a firm foundation, to labor with concentration and secure the right to work out their patterns of freedom from any obstacles - poverty, heartache and failure. Those sixes who flee their responsibilities, refusing all adjustments, preferring action to protection, selfishness to love, freedom to responsibility, gain the effect of their doings in this lifetime. The happy Twos are those, who accept their needs in a complimentary relationship and go to create them.

You are highly energetic and creative, and are capable of influencing and even dominating others. You may seem different, alien and hard to get to know to others, but once they "know" you, they love and respect you.
The spirituality is the key to success.You are bold, independent, inquisitive and interested in research. Others, who follow the law, obtain the wonderful contentment and serenity associated with number Six.
That gives them the freedom to be the way they are, instead of being compelled into addictive behavior patterns.Click here to see the meaning of the Number 2 In Tarot9 Your Hidden Passion NumberClick here to see the meaning of the Number 9 In TarotThe Hidden Passion Number represents your hidden talent. You have highly developed political skills, and can succumb to manipulation unless your ideals are high. A true artist, you need excitement; when things are dull, you tend to fantasize and sometimes exaggerate.
Even though you tend to keep to yourself, you are generous with your love and are genuinely concerned with the happiness of those around you, but not demonstrative. Leadership and authority are obvious, but it is wise not to be to forceful, demanding and dominant. You know what you want and why you want it.You find the best contentment in life when you own your own home and provide well for your family and loved ones. Four is associated with home, stability, security, contentment, a good supply of things needed in life. Four's perseverance applied to the job to be done, or gaining their objectives; organizational skills and productivity make Fours most of the beneficial people in the community.
It shapes your personality, and guides your life.The number 9 signified the Completion of the cycle - it completed the circle of number one through nine. It's incredibly important that you love your job, and you need security and steadiness of day-to-day schedules; you do not like the unexpected.
Fours are very detailed and organized, and might appear too stubborn and overly critical to someone with a perceiving personality. Symbolically, the prime challenge of Twos is fear, fear of being alone, but on a higher place, they just feel unhappy where there is a lack of harmony or evidence of disapproval. It can symbolize the lifetime of fulfillment, when Nine is dedicated to service - anywhere, everywhere, to anyone. Your obligation in life is to hold justice and truth, and if you follow the Law, you can find the great happiness and satisfaction. It represents the "Law and Order" and also associated with a Karmic Law of cause and effect. Because of its size of the extension, Nine is the most emotional influence we have to deal with.
Nines are being given so much from their birth that it is their mission to establish Universal Love and the Brotherhood of Man.

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