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In this track shayar is saying that everyone stays for sometime nobody stays for a life long. In this track shayar is saying that she will get many but who will bring as him in her life.
It is an awesome Collection of shayari which is also known as Mehafil-E-Shayari must watch it. Hindi Urdu Shayari Ghazal "Seema Gupta on BBC 21st oct 2012" Seema gupta ghazals and nazm on BBC Aap ki Pasand Musical programe "with " Mr.

Funny Onion Shayari-Photos Funny Shayari On Onion Price Hike In India Background Music From Free Youtube Audio Library.
This is a collection of 10 meaningful shayaris, I've ranked them 10 to 1, according to my choice. Renowned Hasya Poet Dr Sunil Jogi delivers his performance at Lucknow Mohatsav, Kavi-Sammelan. Our Albela Shayar is a versatile character and make you laugh with his funny expressive shayaris.

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