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And by decoding these numbers, you’ll discover many fascinating secrets about yourself, how others feel about you, and the predicaments of your future. It reveals the path you’ve chosen to walk in this life and the lessons you’ve chosen to master on your journey. Whether you’re at home or in the community, you’re a compassionate, loving and responsible being. You’ll uncover the different pieces of your personality that combine to make you the person you are (and how to appreciate, love, and take advantage of them). Finally, live the wonderful life you deserve by uncovering your heart’s deepest wishes and desires…and…the simple secret to achieving them! Want to discover your strengths and weaknesses, inner needs, emotional reactions, and ways of dealing with others, as well as your talents? It indicates the special talents and abilities that’ll assist you on your life path towward fulfilling your destiny. When you want to know your future and life fate, the best way to know is to read your own hand, doing palm reading with the help of this article. When you don’t have chance to see the hand  you can also take scan of your hand and send it online or mail it . In this video she walks you through the process of calculating your Life Path Number and tells you what the numbers mean and how this numerology calculation determines so much in your life.
The relationship of numbers and how they relate to your life is what numerology is all about.
Since your birth date is fixed, the information from the life path number does not vary during your lifetime. One of the many aspects of numerology involves reducing your name to a numerical value and then analyzing the result.
To calculate your Name Number you write out your name and match up the corresponding number to each letter of your name. The study of the symbolism of numbers and their relationship to the different aspects of one’s life is known as numerology and by using a numerology calculator your numerical elements can be determined. In numerology the Life Path number is of utmost importance being based on the numbers in a person’s birth date and how it determines the journey through life.
Typically the numerologists will take a person’s birth name and reduce it to a single digit number which is the Life Path number; this serves as a starting place to build upon the 4 elements. Although many scientists reject numerology as not being scientific, the relationship between numbers and the universe is too profound to be ignored. Over the next few minutes I’m going to give you a quick yet in depth analysis of your numerology chart based on your given name and date of birth. This number shows you what you were born to do and indicates the kind of life experience you’ll encounter as you fulfil your destiny and life purpose.
So, it’s best if you engage in physical exercises and minimise eating sweets which you usually crave.

But don’t let your emotions affect your decisions, especially when you’re young and in choosing your partner in life. This tells you what you’ll be most successful doing and reveals one of the several areas of your life that must be developed in order for you to reach your full potential. It’s important to combine each of your personality traits to get an accurate and complete story of your life. If you’re like most people, you’ll get emotional as you read and identify with these inner personality characteristics you’ve never shared with anyone before…when you realise the reason for the struggles you’ve been having…and when you discover the precious (and hidden) gifts life has given you.
You’ll discover your individual strengths and how to maximise them… your weaknesses and how to tackle them. This number will show you what your heart desires and what your soul urges you to accomplish in this life to feel content. This will tell you the censored impression you choose to give off and the way in which you’re percieved by others. But when you do that make sure you apply link of a piece of chalk to you palm so that your astrologer will read it clearly what are you exactly. Every school child is familiar with the Pythagorean Theorem which states that for any right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the legs of that triangle. Sometimes called name numerology, the practice uses numbers associated with your birth name as well as your birth date.
The resulting number, your Name Number, is the main influence on your personal and professional development throughout your life. In numerology each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a number (a=1 b=2 c=3, etc., up through the letter 9). Now here is where numerology gets interesting and shows it’s flexibility – if you don’t really like the result you can use another variation of your name! The study of numerology goes back thousands of years to Pythagoras and other ancient Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian philosophers. By applying simple formulas to the numbers that correspond to the letters in a person’s name and the date of birth a numerologist can determine the 4 main elements to complete an incredibly accurate analysis of a person and their character as well as their life path. It is a simple formula that uses a chart that changes the name into a number a=1, b=2, etc. Make the right choice between the people who needs your help and those who are becoming needy of your love and care. For example, if you want to become rich and you don’t have money line in your hand then it becomes almost impossible to get money. So this line is very crucial if you want name and fame from other or else you wont get recognition for your works. In fact, the Scarecrow in the classic film The Wizard of Oz recites a version of the theorem after the Wizard presents him with his diploma.
These scholars studied mathematics and sought to find numerical links to many aspects of life – music, the stars, the universe and wisdom.

Does the use of a numerology calculator to determine your Life Path Number really guide your life? While your life path is calculated using your birthdate, your Expression number is calculated by using the letters of your Full Name at birth; your original birth-certificate name. Among all those lines given above, there are 5 important lines that everyone must surely consider.
In this way you will be able to get the apt predictions from any palm of your choice of palm reading.
Pythagoras is also credited with developing Pythagorean numerology commonly called Western numerology.
Calculating the numbers yourself can be difficult for those who are mathematically challenged. Letters of the alphabet are assigned numbers and the numbers added to come up, although you need to add the numbers for the entire name, this illustrates how to arrive at your expression number. It is thought the Pythagoreans interest in numerology came about when they discovered something quite startling – that the addition of a series of odd numbers beginning with the number 1 you will always end with a square number! Find a numerical relationship and suddenly things previously not understood could become clear – broken down into a mathematical association.
You use your birth name because it represents the legacy of your personal history up to the point of your birth in this current life.
So it is highly important when you do palm reading, you must consider basically 5 lines of paramount importance.
He believed that all reality has a basis in mathematics, and that has been proven in a number of cases. In this case you may use a Numerology Calculator which can be used to figure the significant numbers in your life such as your life path number.
We have found an awesome free Numerology Calculator (click here to see what we mean!) which will also provide  your expression number, life path number and an overall great free look at your set of numbers. And the saint’s statement that numbers were handed down by the Gods makes one realize the significance placed on the study of numbers and mathematics. For example, the Fibonacci number series can be used to describe the seed arrangement on flower heads and rabbit reproduction rates! For example if you were born on 10-23-1972, you first add those numbers together (10+23+1972) to get 2005.

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