Numerology number 4 destiny bundle

He was named as Olliver in a grand ritual which took place on the tenth day from his birth. The numerologist read his name, kicked out the letter L from his name and told him to use Oliver in all of his future correspondences and signatures.
On the other hand, people choose lucky numbers, numbers that are believed to bring luck, while choosing their license plate number, while choosing a home and also in mobile numbers.
Again we have to sum up the digits till we end up with a single digit or the Master Numbers.
In just two months, he got a better job, a better home and all the best things happened to him.
He saw the similarity in numbers and thought that numbers are related to each other by divine means.

Now Rajinikanth’s number is 7 and it is believed that people with Number 7 would be spiritual in nature. Ancient people thought that certain numbers brought luck, while certain numbers cause devastation. It is believed that people with number 6 would shine in the creative and art field and you can easily match this with the Indian Superstar. But in reality, what was actually responsible for this good fortune was – Numerology.
The number derived from the Birth name is called the Destiny number and this Destiny number is used to predict what your destiny lies in. One day, he saw an ad in Television about a numerology expert explaining how your name influences your life.

So, he walked up to the numerologist’s office and briefed him about the struggles he had and is facing now. R is the 18th alphabet but since we need only single digit, we add the digits and get 9 (1+8).

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